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Age dependence of luminescence signals from granitic quartzHan, ZY; Li, SH; Tso, MMY199698
Protection from solar ultraviolet radiation in Hong KongLeung, JKC; Ho, WK; Tso, MMY1996103
Life-time determination of OSL signals from potassium feldsparLi, SH; Tso, MMY1996130
A territory-wide survey of indoor gamma dose rate and its relation to indoor radon level in Hong KongTso, MMY; Leung, JKC; Ho, CW1996108
A laboratory for studying radon mitigation methods in high-rise office buildings in Hong KongLeung, JKC; Hung, LC; Tso, MMY1996125
Thermoluminescence characteristics of pottery lady figures from Tang DynastyTso, MMY; Li, HH; Li, SH1995118
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