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Blurring boundaries: the growing visibility, evolving forms and complex implications of private supplementary tutoringBray, TM2010164
Comparative education and international education in the history of Compare: Boundaries, overlaps and ambiguitiesBray, M2010146
Facing the shadow education system in Hong KongKwo, OWY; Bray, TM2011448
Globalisation, transnational academic mobility and the Chinese knowledge diaspora: an Australian case studyYang, R; Welch, AR2010183
Globalization and the Chinese Knowledge Diaspora: An Australian Case StudyYang, R201071
Globalization, transnational academic mobility and the Chinese knowledge diaspora: the case of Melbourne UniversityWelch, A; Yang, R2010135
International organizations, changing governance and China’s policy making in higher education: an analysis of the World Bank and the World Trade OrganizationYang, R2010160
Peking University Personnel ReformsYang, R2010117
Soft Power and Higher Education: An Examination of China’s Confucius InstitutesYang, R2010343
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