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Consumers' willingness to pay for organic foods in Asian cities : an economic valuation approach and its contribution to sustainable development policy- makingManopimoke, Supachit20061,063
The corporate sustainable development preparedness index and country competitiveness : an international comparsionWelford, Richard2004696
Environmental attitudes and values in ChinaHarris, Paul, 1946-2004876
From barricades to back gardens : housing markets and cross-border economic integrationParis, Chris2003726
Global production, competition and city-region in the PRDChan, Roger CK2002408
Land registration : its value, history and prospects in Hong KongSalkeld, Kim2002893
Living with Disney : lessons from FloridaFoglesong, Richard E., 1948-2005847
Modern logistics development in China and Hong KongIp, Stepehn; Leung, Chi-man2003806
New selection indices for university admissions : a quantile approachBassette, Gilbert; Tam, Mo-yin2002752
Perspectives on corporate environmental governanceHills, Peter R2002910
Planning cultures in two transitional Chinese cities : Hong Kong and ShenzhenNg, Mee Kam2002397
The PRD regional in East Asia's urban system : an outsider viewWebster, Douglas2002730
Transport for all : a new vision for promoting disability rights for acessbility to public transport services and traffic facilitiesSu, Yau-on, Albert2003805
Urbanization and non-agricultural land use in post-reform ChinaLin, Chusheng2003726
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