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Tackling Community Anomie in Tin Shui Wai.Chui, EWT200798
Tackling the digital divideWong, YC; Fung, JYC; Law, CK; Lam, JCY; Lee, VWP2009168
Tai Chi exercise for patients with heart disease: a systematic review of controlled clinical trialsNg, SM; Wang, CW; Ho, RTH; Ziea, ETC; Wong, VCW; Chan, CLW2012138
Tai-chi for residential patients with schizophrenia on movement coordination, negative symptoms, and functioning: a pilot randomized controlled trialHo, RTH; Au Yeung, FSW; Lo, PHY; Law, KY; Wong, KOK; Cheung, IKM; Ng, SM2012119
Taking risks in investing in the equity market: Racial and ethnic differencesOzawa, MN; Lum, YS200156
A tale of three cities: Teaching online to students in Shanghai from Hong Kong and TexasWong, YC; Schoech, D200590
Task-centred casework: its application in a juvenile probation officeLai, Suk-han.; 黎淑嫻.1981243
Task-centred groupwork approach: a process ofworking with a group of secondary school adolescents havingunsatisfactory interpersonal communication with peersKwan, Kin-sang.; 關健生.1982407
Teaching group work skills in field instructionFan, Mui-ying.; 范梅英1991303
Teaching money literacy in a positive youth development program: The project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongLee, TY; Law, BMF201180
Teaching professional writing skills to tertiary Chinese L2 social work students in Hong Kong: A case studyTsang, SKM; Lee, C2001109
Teens of the Night - The Night Drifting Subculture of Young People in Hong KongLee, FWL1998381
Teens of the Night - The Young Night Drifters in Hong KongLee, FWL20001,743
Teens of the night: A study of young night drifters in Hong KongLee, F199882
The temporal relationship between falls and fear-of-falling among Chinese older primary-care patients in Hong KongChou, KL; Chi, I200767
Temporary crises and priority changes: The case of state substance abuse systemsSosin, MR; Smith, SR; Hilton, T; Jordan, LP201043
A territory-wide survey on intimate partner violence among pregnant women in Hong KongTiwari, AFY; Chan, EKL; Fong, DYT; Leung, WC; Brownridge, DA; Lam, H; Wong, B; Lam, CM; Chau, F; Chan, A; Cheung, KB; Ho, PC2008215
A test for constant fatality rate of an emerging epidemic: With applications to severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong and BeijingLam, KF; Deshpande, JV; Lau, EHY; NaikNimbalkar, UV; Yip, PSF; Xu, Y2008191
The test of an all-purpose social security system: how well does the Comprehensive Social Security Allowance (CSSA) Scheme in Hong Kong perform its income protection function during economic crises?Wong, YC; Yung, MW2010164
A test of the substitution hypothesis: an analysis of urban and rural trends in solid/liquid poisoning suicides in TaiwanChen, YY; Kwok, RCL; Yip, PSF; Wu, KC201320
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