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A randomized control trial on impact of a Satir-based intervention on psychosocial outcomes of Chinese people with chronic illnessLeung, PPY; Sin, YWC; Yau, PK; Mak, MMS; Hung, ATF; Lui, JYM2010178
A randomized controlled trial of a specific reminiscence approach to promote the well-being of nursing home residents with dementiaLai, KY; Chi, I; Kayser-Jones, JS2004514
A randomized controlled trial of qigong exercise on fatigue symptoms, functioning, and telomerase activity in persons with chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndromeHo, RTH; Chan, JSM; Wang, CW; Lau, BWM; So, KF; Yuen, LP; Sham, JST; Chan, CLW2012167
The rate of logistic mortality increase: International comparison and Asian societiesCheung, KSL; Robine, JM; Horiuchi, S201158
The re-structuring of family service in Hong KongLeung, JCB200271
Re-visiting Orgasm And Desire: The Representations Of Si-nais In Hong KongHo, PSY2008163
The Real Deal Or No Big Deal - Chinese Women In Hong Kong And Their Orgasmic ExperienceHo, PSY2005113
Realigning public and private health care in southeast AsiaRamesh, M; Wu, X2008108
Reality therapy with delinquent adolescent girls in open probation settingLam, Big-chen, Jessie.; 林璧淸.1987313
Reasserting the public in public services: new public management reformsRamesh, M; Araral, E; Wu, X201057
Reasserting the role of the state in the healthcare sector: Lessons from AsiaRamesh, M2008102
Recent aging issues in Hong KongChow, NWS1995100
Recent Community Work Development in Hong KongLeung, JCB200192
Recent development on regulating human reproductionBlyth, Eric. Recent development in the UK on regulating human reproduction Videorecording; Ng, Hung-Yu, Eric. Ethical issues on assisted reproduction Videorecording; Chan, Lai-wan, Cecilia. Psychological assessment protocol for assisted Videorecording2001349
Reciprocal interaction analysis of juvenile delinquency and its implications for development of a new intervention modelChung Chan, Lai-foon, Miranda.; 鍾陳麗歡.1999179
Reciprocal relationship between fear of falling and depression in elderly Chinese primary care patientsChou, KL; Chi, I200883
Reciprocal relationship between fear of falling and depression in Hong Kong Chinese older primary care patientsChou, KL; Chi, I2008548
Reciprocal relationship between pain and depression in elderly chinese primary care patientsChou, KL; Chi, I2005107
Reciprocal relationship between pain and depression in older adults: Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of AgeingChou, KL200756
Reciprocal relationship between social support and depressive sympotoms among Chinese elderlyChou, KL; Chi, I2003122
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