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Macao's social welfare model: a prototype of a regulatory regimeLai, Wai-leung, Dicky.; 賴偉良.2009467
Macro-level social work manpower planning in Hong Kong: an analysis of the key issues and perspectivesWong, Hoi-kwok.; 王海國.1984472
Macro-Practice in Health Care - Application of Policy Change Model for Silicosis WorkersChui, EWT; Chan, KK1997123
The maintenance effect of cognitive-behavioural treatment groups for the Chinese parents of children with intellectual disabilities in Melbourne, Australia: A 6-month follow-up studyWong, DFK; Poon, A; Kwok, YCL201156
Making Hong Kong a better place: contributions of social workers in innovationChui, EWT; Chan, CLW200074
Making Hong Kong a better place: contributions of social workers in innovationChan, CLW; Chui, EWT200269
Making Hong Kong a better place: The Contribution of Social Workers in innovationChan, CLW; Chui, EWT200390
The making of a moral underclass: a case study of unemployed youth in Hong KongChau, RCM201185
Making sense of giftedness: a way to understand parenting stress among parents of gifted childrenYuen, Ka-wah, Clara.; 袁嘉華.2005285
Making sense of going straight: Personal accounts of male Ex-Prisoners in Hong KongAdorjan, M; Chui, WH2012172
Male homosexual identity in Hong Kong: A social constructionHo, PSY1995119
Management of challenges of conjugal loss among Chinese widowers: an exploratory study.Woo, IM; Chan, CL; Chow, AY; Ho, RT2008140
Management of survival guilt by a Chinese widower through the use of continuing bondsWoo, IMH; Chan, CLW2010132
Managerialism and Quality ServiceLeung, JCB200193
Managing stress and anxiety through qigong exercise in healthy adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang, C; Chan, CHY; Ho, RTH; Chan, JSM; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW201440
The Mandatory Provident Fund in Hong Kong – A preliminary study of people’s attitudeLam, CW; Yeung, S; Tam, TSK200530
The Manual of the Empowerement Workshop for Divorced Single ParentsChan, CLW; Chan, Y; Zhong, YG199878
The Many Faces of Desire – Discourse and Practice among Chinese PeoplesHo, PSY; Tsang, A.K.T.200269
The marginalia – Si-nai/ identity/ sexualityHo, PSY200467
Marital dissolution following infidelity: the role of seeking forgiveness, granting forgiveness and socioeconomic factorsChi, P; Lam, DOB; Du, H2010197
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