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Job satisfaction and turnover intention of the assistant social work officer in the Social Welfare DepartmentTam, Yuen-sheung.; 譚玄霜.1990319
Job satisfaction of outreach youth workers in Hong KongLee, FWL; Wong, CSY2009274
Job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to remain inthe youth and community serviceFung, Wai-lin, Pauline.; 馮衛蓮.1998451
Just before the real thing : Equipping social work students with professional writing skillsStorey, AM; Tsang, SKM200073
Juvenile JusticeChui, WH2009121
Juvenile justice: Social work and juvenile justiceChui, WH201426
Juvenile probationers adjudicated of violent and nonviolent offenses in Hong Kong: are they psychologically different?Chan, OHC; Chui, WH201184
Key indicators of the transition from social to problem gamblingClarke, D; Tse, S; Abbott, M; Townsend, S; Kingi, P; Manaia, W200673
Key processes of family resilience in families with long-term liver cancer survivors in Hong KongWang, Clarissa Nicole.; 王允洵.2009348
Key stakeholders of their own development.Tsang, SKM200690
Keynote speechLee, WY2001109
Keynote speech, Three 'Depressed Families' in transitional BeijingLee, WY2001100
Knowing the communityChui, EWT200793
Knowing the Unknown: A course on death and dying in Hong Kong.Chow, AYM; Chan, CLW2008113
Knowledge and attitude of young Asians towards injury prevention in New Zealand: A qualitative analysisHoque, ME; Tse, SSK; Rossen, F201149
Knowledge and preferences regarding schizophrenia among Chinese-speaking Australians in Melbourne, Australia.Wong, FK; Lam, YK; Poon, A201050
Knowledge is a dangerous thing: Authority relations, ideological conservatism, and creativity in confucian-heritage culturesHo, DYF; Ho, RTH200882
Labour education programs for young industrial workers in Hong Kong: a preliminary program evaluation of threevoluntary welfare agencies.Mok, Tai-kee, Henry.; 莫泰基.1977345
Labour movement and its influence on the development of social security in Hong KongTsui, Fee-hung, Vincent.; 徐飛雄.1986375
The last outfit: can we prepare for death?Chow, AYM201272
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