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16th Biennial Congress of the World Council of Enterostomal TherapistsChan, CLW; Lee, AM; Ho, JWC; Tang, VYH2006183
1700 Victims of intimate partner violence: Characteristics and clinical outcomesLau, CL; Ching, WM; Tong, WL; Chan, KL; Tsui, KL; Kam, CW2008276
The 1995 Legislative Council Elections: Ineffcacious Opposition Characterized by Fragmentation.Chui, EWT1997194
A 3-year randomized controlled trial on the impact of brief psychosocial interventions on breast cancer survivorshipLo, PHY; Chan, CLW; Ho, TH; Leung, PPY2010158
A body-mind-spirit approach to depression and anxiety: application of mindfulness and compassion training forHong Kong ChineseLo, Hay-ming.; 盧希皿.2011767
A case study of adolescent crises: psychosocial perspectiveCheung, Hop, Betty.; 張恰.1982307
A case study of an interdisciplinary project for Form 2 students with unsatisfactory academic performance: exploring the collaboration between social worker and teacherSham, Sook-yin, Heidi.; 岑淑賢.1986313
A case study of childminding quality for pre-school children with working mothers in the Tai Po DistrictChan, Kwan-yee, Camilla.; 陳筠儀.1999274
A case study of school refusal: an examination of mother-child attachment behavior with implication forsocial work interventionChan, Sai-ping, Pauline.; 陳細萍.1984535
A case study of Wu Oi Christian centreWan, Lai-kuen, Irinna.; 雲麗娟.1989348
A case study on the ex-drug-abusers' abstinenceCheung, David.; 張大衛.1988282
A case-control study of attachment style in deliberate self-harm patients: a systemic perspectiveFung, Shuk-ching, Corina.; 馮淑貞.2006366
A clinical data mining study of the psychosocial status of Chinese cancer patients in palliative careChan, Chi-ho; 陳智豪2007404
A comparative study of social security systems in East and Southeast Asian countriesChow, Wing-sun, Nelson; 周永新1978302
A comparative study of the adaptation of new immigrant form one students and local form one students in secondary schoolShum, Wing-yan.; 岑穎忻.1998276
A comparative study of the interactional patterns between abusive and non-abusive couplesNg, Wai-ling, Jacqueline.; 吳惠玲.2002253
A comparative study of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the self-help and Lap Shun Training Programmes of the Society for the Aidand Rehabilitation of Drug AbusersYeung, Kin-wai.; 楊健偉.1986235
A comparative study of two programme designs in skills training for mentally retarded adults in day activity centreChu, Wai-kin.; 朱偉健.1989213
A comparison of different health insurance systems and their feasibility for Hong KongYang, Shui-lam.; 楊瑞琳.1992254
A conceptual analysis of halfway house programs in mental health servicesFung, Kit-lin, Stella.; 馮潔蓮.1987168
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