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History of community work in Hong Kong (in Chinese)Leung, JCB199578
HIV/Aids-related stigma and discrimination: the case of Hong KongLiu, Chi-hang.; 廖智行.1999482
Hku Research And Educational Drives In Response To Indigenization Of Social Work Professional DevelopmentTsang, SKM201071
HMO : do we need it?: an examination of the desirability & feasibility of health maintenance organization in HongKongNg, Man-sui, William.; 吳文穗.1998200
The Holistic Body-Mind-Spirit Well-being Model – Chinese Culture and Group CounsellingChan, CLW; Fan, FM; Leung, PPY2009163
Holistic care for cancer patients in China and Hong Kong.Lam, DOB200174
Holistic wellness and meaning reconstruction: an eastern integrative body-mind-spirit invention model for people with cancerLeung, PPY2008116
Home care for older people in China: a case study of ShanghaiWang, Yiyan; 王裔艳2011260
Home care services for the elderly in Hong KongChou, KL2005168
Home-based services: Hong Kong and the United StatesCowart, ME; Chow, NWS199481
Home-school Support Model For Children With Dyslexia And Their Families: An Interim ReportTsang, SKM; Lam, CWC; Wan, CW200499
Hong KongChui, WH201064
Hong Kong and China in 1997: the implications for migration of elderly people - opportunities, constraints or impetusChow, N; Phillips, DR199377
Hong Kong Chinese Everyday Competence Scale: A validation studyChou, KL200269
Hong Kong Chinese third agers' experience and preference in health promotion: would their educational level make a difference?Leung, AYM; Leung, YP; Chi, I200965
Hong Kong in the Last 50 years (In Chinese)Chow, NWS199770
The Hong Kong Legal SystemLo, SHC; Chui, WH2012148
Hong Kong men’s stories of intra-national cross border romancesHo, PSY201219
A Hong Kong PerspectiveNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wang, X200991
Hong Kong: community care for elderly peopleChow, N1992214
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