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Magnetic resonance imaging findings in a case of advanced Coats' diseaseLai, WW; Edward, DP; Weiss, RA; Mafee, MF; Tso, MOM199669
Magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of subretinal cysticercosisChung, GW; Lai, WW; Thulborn, KR; Menner, C; Blair, NP; Pulido, JS200254
The management of acute angle-closure glaucoma.Lam, DS; Lai, JS; Tham, CC200048
Management of the retinal impact site after intraocular foreign body trauma [1]Lai, WW; Meyers, SM; Brent, GJ; Humayan, M; Langston, RHS200047
Management of Vitreoretinal Disease: A Surgical ApproachChignell, AH; Wong, DSH199811
Managing anterior capsule contraction by mechanical widening with vitrectorcut capsulotomyYeh, PC; Goins, KM; Lai, WW200270
Managing the hard posterior polar cataractPong, JCF; Lai, JS200842
Medication-induced acute angle closure attackLai, JSM; Gangwani, RA2012112
Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Intravitreal Bevacizumab Versus Intravitreal Triamcinolone Acetonide in Central Retinal Vein OcclusionJin, ZY; Zhu, D; Tao, Y; Wong, YHI; Jonas, JB201320
Metabolism of the 'Swedish' amyloid precursor protein variant in Madin- Darby canine kidney cellsLo, ACY; Haass, C; Wagner, SL; Teplow, DB; Sisodia, SS199455
Metabolism of the amyloid precursor-like protein 2 in MDCK cells. Polarized trafficking occurs independent of the chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycan chainLo, ACY; Thinakaran, G; Slunt, HH; Sisodia, SS199557
Methodology of the Singapore Indian Chinese Cohort (SICC) eye study: Quantifying ethnic variations in the epidemiology of eye diseases in AsiansLavanya, R; Jeganathan, VSE; Zheng, Y; Raju, P; Cheung, N; Tai, ES; Wang, JJ; Lamoureux, E; Mitchell, P; Young, TL; CajucomUy, H; Foster, PJ; Aung, T; Saw, SM; Wong, TY200961
Micro-scale stiffness change of cornea tissues suffered from elevated intraocular pressure investigated by nanoindentationWu, KS; Li, SY; Lo, ACY; Ngan, AHW; Wong, DSH; So, KF; Ellis-Behnke, RG; Tang, B201366
Microvascular Disease and CardiomyopathyCheung, N; Wong, TY200720
Mini-trabeculectomy as initial surgery for medically uncontrolled glaucoma (multiple letters) [3]Lai, JSM; Lam, DSC; Ophir, A200255
Minimally invasive method for repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment following treatment for retinoblastomaBuerk, BM; Lai, WW; Sharma, MC; Shapiro, MJ200658
Mixed messages on systemic therapies for diabetic retinopathyLim, LS; Liew, G; Cheung, N; Mitchell, P; Wong, TY201027
Modification of an adult-sized ahmed glaucoma valve for a small globe [4]Law, RWK; Li, RTH; Lai, JSM; Rao, SK; Lam, DSC200632
Natural History of Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion: An Evidence-Based Systematic ReviewRogers, SL; Mcintosh, RL; Lim, L; Mitchell, P; Cheung, N; Kowalski, JW; Nguyen, HP; Wang, JJ; Wong, TY201046
Natural History of Central Retinal Vein Occlusion: An Evidence-Based Systematic ReviewMcintosh, RL; Rogers, SL; Lim, L; Cheung, N; Wang, JJ; Mitchell, P; Kowalski, JW; Nguyen, HP; Wong, TY201044
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