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Heavy silicone oil (densiron) and supine position in the management of massive suprachoroidal hemorrhage: Use of heavy silicone for suprachoroidal hemorrhageValldeperas, X; Elizalde, J; Romano, M; Wong, D2012146
Hemorrhage in patients who have received transpupillary thermotherapy for subfoveal choroidal neovascularizationGreuloch, K; Lai, WW; Pulido, JS200339
Hepatocyte Growth Factor and Retinal Arteriolar Diameter in Singapore ChineseKhor, CC; Fan, Q; Goh, LK; Wong, TY; Li, YJ; Cheung, N; Seielstad, M; Goh, DLM; Young, TL; Tai, ES; Saw, SM201049
Human pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells prevent allergic airway inflammation in mice.Sun, YQ; Deng, MX; He, J; Zeng, QX; Wen, W; Wong, DS; Tse, HF; Xu, G; Lian, Q; Shi, J; Fu, QL201233
Hypoxia-induced oxidative stress in ischemic retinopathyLi, SY; Fu, Z; Lo, ACY201223
Immediate argon laser peripheral iridoplasty (ALPI) as initial treatment for acute phacomorphic angle-closure (phacomorphic glaucoma) before cataract extraction: A preliminary studyTham, CCY; Lai, JSM; Poon, ASY; Chan, JCH; Lam, SW; Chua, JKH; Lam, DSC200552
Immediate argon laser peripheral iridoplasty as treatment for acute attack of primary angle-closure glaucoma: A preliminary studyLam, DSC; Lai, JSM; Tham, CCY199871
Immediate argon laser peripheral iridoplasty for acute attack of PACG (addendum to previous report) [3]Tham, CCY; Lai, JSM; Lam, DSC199941
Immediate diode laser peripheral iridoplasty as treatment of acute attack of primary angle closure glaucoma: A preliminary studyLai, JSM; Tham, CCY; Chua, JKH; Lam, DSC200145
Improvement of visual acuity in eyes with diabetic macular edema after treatment with pars plana vitrectomyLai, WW; Mohamed, S; Lam, DSC200531
In vivo confocal microscopy of corneal insect foreign bodyWong, BWC; Lai, JSM; Law, RWK; Lam, DSC200365
In vivo Evaluation of Surface Modified Expanded-polytetrafluroethylene (ePTFE) Substrate as a Permanent Substrate for Cell TransplantationNian, S; Fu, Z; Sheridan, C; Kearns, V; Williams, R; Wong, DSH; Vasilev, K; Bachhuka, A; Lo, ACY; Lai, WKW201337
Incisional surgery for angle closure glaucomaLai, JSM; Tham, CCY; Lam, DSC200252
Infective keratitis in Hong KongWong, I; Chan, K201257
Inflow of ocular surface fluid through clear corneal cataract incisions: A laboratory model [3] (multiple letters)Chung, CF; Lai, JSM; Mcdonnell, PJ; Behrens, A; Taban, M; Ignacio, TS; Sarayba, MA200544
Influence of flickering light on the retinal vessels in diabetic patientsNguyen, TT; Cheung, N; Wong, TY200819
Influence of Intraocular Pressure on Retinal Vascular Caliber Measurements in ChildrenDe Haseth, K; Cheung, N; Saw, SM; Islam, FMA; Mitchell, P; Wong, TY200754
The inner segment/outer segment junction: What have we learnt so far?Wong, IY; Iu, LP; Koizumi, H; Lai, WW2012108
Intermediate uveitisLai, WW; Pulido, JS200253
Intracameral lidocaine in trabeculectomy. A preliminary safety and efficacy studyLai, JSM; Tham, CCY; Lam, DSC200242
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