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Decompression retinopathy following laser peripheral iridoplasty for acute primary angle-closure [6]Lai, JSM; Lee, VYW; Leung, DYL; Chung, TCF200539
Delayed epistaxis in external dacryocystorhinostomy rate and risk factorsSimon, GJB; Cheung, N; Mcnab, AA201043
Delayed retrobulbar haemorrhage after Ahmed glaucoma implant: A case report [1]Chan, CHY; Lai, JSM; Shen, SY200632
Derivation of oligodendrocyte precursors from bone marrow stromal cells for mylination therapyTsui, YP; Li, RSY; Lo, ACY; Chan, YS; Shum, DKY201258
Derivation of oligodendrocyte precursors from bone marrow stromal cells: therapeutic potential and developmental originTsui, YP; Li, SY; Lo, ACY; Chan, YS; Shum, DKY201258
Descemet membrane detachment after sequential argon-neodymium: YAG laser peripheral iridotomyLiu, DTL; Lai, JSM; Lam, DSC200257
Detection of glaucoma in a cohort of chinese subjects with systemic hypertensionGangwani, RA; Chan, J; Lee, J; Kwong, A; Lai, JSM201319
Detection of Glaucoma in subjects with systemic hypertension using optic disc images from retinopathy screening programme :Poster presentationGangwani, RA; Lee, WYJ; Lai, JSM201318
Determination of ofloxacin and moxifloxacin and their penetration in human aqueous and vitreous humor by using high-performance liquid chromatography fluorescence detectionChan, KP; Chu, KO; Lai, WWK; Choy, KW; Wang, CC; Lam, DSC; Pang, CP2006109
Diabetic retinopathyCheung, N; Mitchell, P; Wong, TY201032
Diabetic retinopathyLi, PSH; Wong, TH; Tang, WWT; Lai, JSM200439
Diabetic Retinopathy and Risk of Heart FailureCheung, N; Wang, JJ; Rogers, SL; Brancati, F; Klein, R; Sharrett, AR; Wong, TY200833
Diabetic retinopathy and systemic vascular complicationsCheung, N; Wong, TY200819
Diabetic retinopathy and the risk of coronary heart disease: The atherosclerosis risk in communities studyCheung, N; Jie, JW; Klein, R; Couper, DJ; Sharrett, AR; Wong, TY200730
Diabetic retinopathy is associated with an increased incidence of cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetic patientsJeganathan, VSE; Cheung, N; Wong, TY200820
Diagnostic and therapeutic challengesWingSee Lau, T; Wong, IYH; Sobrin, L201227
Diagnostic and therapeutic challengesLai, WW; Zhou, YS; Lam, DSC; Freeman, WR; Chow, DR; Murray, TG200645
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges - a 55-year-old Chinese woman with a history of monoclonal gammopathy and reduced vision.Wong, YHI; Lam, JK201322
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges - a case of PORN in a non-AIDS patient.Lau, TW; Wong, YHI201229
Different optineurin mutation pattern in primary open-angle glaucomaLeung, YF; Fan, BJ; Lam, DSC; Lee, WS; Tam, POS; Chua, JKH; Tham, CCY; Lai, JSM; Fan, DSP; Pang, CP200367
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