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Bilateral iris sector heterochromia with or without Hirschsprung's disease [6]Lai, JSM; Lam, DSC; Yeung, CK; Pang, CCP199872
Bilateral spontaneous scierai perforation in Marfan's syndromeLaw, RWK; Tang, WWT; Lai, JSM200678
Biocompatible cell-entrapping intraocular implantWONG, SY; Yao, KM; Chan, BP; Lo, ACY201326
Biomedical Materials - Ophthalmic BiomaterialsWilliams, RL; Wong, DSH200913
Birth Weight and Retinal Vascular ChangesLim, SW; Cheung, N200821
Blood pressure and retinal arteriolar narrowing in childrenMitchell, P; Cheung, N; De Haseth, K; Taylor, B; Rochtchina, E; Islam, FMA; Wang, JJ; Saw, SM; Wong, TY200736
Blood pressure is associated with retinal vessel signs in preadolescent childrenGopinath, B; Baur, LA; Wang, JJ; Teber, E; Liew, G; Cheung, N; Wong, TY; Mitchell, P201039
BMI and retinal vascular caliber in childrenCheung, N; Saw, SM; Islam, FMA; Rogers, SL; Shankar, A; De Haseth, K; Mitchell, P; Wong, TY200746
A Case of Fixed-dilated Pupil (Urrets-Zavalia Syndrome) after Anterior Lamellar KeratoplastyNg, LK; Tang, WT; Li, KKW20117
A case series of contact lens-assocaited fusarium keratitis in Hong KongChoy, BNK; Tang, EWH; Lai, JSM200951
A cell-based drug delivery system using collagen-alginate composite matrix: in vitro and in vivo studiesLo, ACY; Wong, CH; Nian, S; Cheung, PT; Chan, BP; Wong, DSH2011123
Cell-encapsulated device for intraocular delivery of glial-cell derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)Wong, FSY; Wong, CCH; Chan, BP; Lo, AC201322
Changes in AC angle width and depth after IOL implantation in eyes with glaucoma [4] (multiple letters)Tham, CCY; Lai, JSM; Lam, DSC200136
Changing trends of blindness: The initial harvest from translational public health and clinical research in ophthalmologyCheung, N; Wong, TY201225
Chorioretinal topography and histopathology in laser-induced choroidal neovascularizationLai, WW; Shahidi, M; Mori, M; Pulido, JS200356
Choroidal effusion following post-trabeculectomy bleb massage- Case report. Hong Kong Journal of Ophthalmology 2011;15(2):71-72Gangwani, RA; Lai, JSM; Choy, NKB201318
Choroidal thickness in relation to hypercholesterolemia on enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomographyWong, YHI; Wong, RLM; Chao, PZ; Lai, WKW201324
Clamp-assisted retractor advancement for lower eyelid involutional entropionFung, NSK; Marcet, MM201323
The clinical outcomes of cataract extraction by phacoemulsification in eyes with primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG) and co-existing cataract: A prospective case seriesLai, JSM; Tham, CCY; Chan, JCH200658
Clinical trials versus intuition in evaluating the results of laser photocoagulationWong, D; Blach, RK198622
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