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Capacity evaluation of multi-lane traffic roundaboutBie, J; Lo, HK; Wong, SC2010215
A continuum modeling approach to the housing allocation and transportation emissions problemYin, J; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2011126
Dynamic continuum modeling approach to urban traffic equilibrium problemsJiang, Y; Wong, SC; Ho, HW; Zhang, P; Liu, R; Sumalee, A2010147
Empirical evidence for taxi customer-search modelSirisoma, RMNT; Wong, SC; Lam, WHK; Wang, D; Yang, H; Zhang, P2010345
Equilibria of bilateral taxi-customer searching and meeting on networksYang, H; Leung, CWY; Wong, SC; Bell, MGH2010215
A higher-order macroscopic model for pedestrian flowsJiang, YQ; Zhang, P; Wong, SC; Liu, RX2010220
Importance of Walkability near Elderly Health Care CentresLoo, BPY; Lam, WWY2010142
Influence of real-time information provision to vacant taxi drivers on taxi system performanceShi, W; Tong, CO; Wong, SC2010259
Is a combined enforcement and penalty strategy effective in combating red light violations? An aggregate model of violation behavior in Hong KongSze, NN; Wong, SC; Pei, X; Choi, PW; Lo, YK2011220
Is the effect of quantified road safety targets sustainable?Wong, SC; Sze, NN2010258
A joint-probability model for crash occurrence and crash severity at signalized intersectionPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2011121
Multinomial logit model of bicycle injury risk in Hong KongSze, NN; Tsui, KL; Wong, SC; So, FL2011140
Optimization of housing allocation and transportation emissions using continuum modeling approachYin, J; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2011134
Prevalence of drugged drivers among non-fatal driver casualties presenting to a trauma centre in Hong KongWong, OF; Tsui, KL; Lam, TSK; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Lau, FL; Liu, SH2010350
A reliability-based land use and transportation optimization modelYim, KKW; Wong, SC; Chen, A; Wong, CK; Lam, WHK2011153
Sensitivity Analysis of the Hot Zone Methodology in Identifying Hazardous Road LocationsYao, S; Loo, BPY2011121
Short-term traffic speed forecasting based on data recorded at irregular intervalsYe, Q; Wong, SC; Szeto, WY2010274
Spatial point analysis of road crashes in Shanghai: A GIS-based network kernel density methodLoo, BPY; Yao, S; Wu, J2011165
Surveillance of trauma patient: a case study on injury severity of bicycle casualtiesTsui, KL; Sze, NN; Wong, SC201094
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