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A comparison of the long-term health-related quality of life of handicap of stroke patients in Mainland China and Hong KongKwok, T; Jin, X; Yeung, F; Cheng, J; Lo, R; Lam, CLK; Yuan, HJ; Woo, J2010280
Exploring critical family issues in Cross-border Marriages: Four women from Tin Shui WaiYuen, H2010257
Meaning of food in childhood obesity: An exploratory study in a Chinese family contextWong, OL2010139
OGS or tardive dystonia?Lee, WY199554
A pilot study on the validity and reliability of the Patient Enablement Instrument (PEI) in a Chinese populationLam, CLK; Yuen, NYK; Mercer, SW; Wong, W2010208
Population norm of Chinese (HK) SF-12 health survey-version 2 of Chinese adults in Hong KongLam, CLK; Wong, CKH; Lam, ETP; Lo, YYC; Huang, WW2010423
Primary care in Hong Kong: a lessson about competitionIliffe, S; Woo, J; Lam, C; Tang, J2010159
The use of a structured questionnaire to study stagnation syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine among adults living in communityNg, SM; Fong, TCT2011178
Validation of the concise Chinese level of expressed emotion scaleNg, SM; Sun, YS2011261
Where East meets WestLee, WY199951
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