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The causes and the prospect of the differences between Mainland and Hong Kong after 15 years of experiencesTai, BYT2012232
Charity Governance in Hong Kong: Some Legal QuestionTai, BYT2011136
The Chief ExecutiveTai, BYT2011123
Constitutionalism and China: From Modernization and Cultural Change to see the Development of Constitutionalism in ChinaTai, BYT2012266
Diversity Mainstreaming and the Politics of Belonging: Addressing Diversity Through Law and PolicyKapai, P2010137
The doctrine of substantive equality and the democratisation of diversitiesKapai, P2012237
Freedom of conscience and religious beliefKapai, P2011126
The Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission: Calling for a New AvatarKapai, P2009491
Legal Consensus: Supreme Executive, Supine Jurisprudence, Suppliant Profession of SingaporeTey, TH2011162
Minority rights and public interest litigation in AsiaKapai, P2009147
Multiple influences: courting culture in the doctrine of Undue InfluenceKapai, P2010201
Reciprocity in ContractChen-Wishart, M; Ho, LKS; Kapai, P2010135
The Relationship between Law and Religion in China: The ‘Beijing Shouwang Church Incident’Tai, BYT2011230
The Right to Freedom of Religion in the HKSARKapai, P2009180
Rule of Law, Rule of Law Culture and Rule of Law EducationTai, BYT2011274
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