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Language and power: Korean-Chinese students’ language attitude and practiceGao, F2009280
Language as a discourse: identity negotiation of ethnic Korean teachers in ChinaGao, F2010106
Learning Korean language in China: Motivations and strategies of non-KoreansGao, F2010201
Linguistic capital: continuity and change in educational language polices for South Asians in Hong Kong primary schoolsGao, F2011149
Orthographic knowledge important in comprehending elementary Chinese text by users of alphasyllabariesLeong, CK; Tse, SK; Loh, KY; Ki, WW2011278
Researching Korean children's schooling experience behind the model minority stereotype in China : an ethnographic approachGao, F2009157
Teacher identity, teaching vision, and Chinese language education of South Asian students in Hong KongGao, F2012172
What it means to be a “Model Minority”: schooling experiences and peer networks of Korean students behind the model minority stereotypeGao, F200898
What it means to be a “model minority”: Voices of ethnic Koreans in Northeast ChinaGao, F2008153
在港成長少數族裔學生學習中文的案例Gao, F; Zhang, Q; Ki, WW; Cong, T2012168
香港少數族裔學生學習中文的可能途徑: 第二語言習得理論的啟示Ki, WW; Zhang, Q; Tsung, L; Shum, MSK2012237
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