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Becoming a model minority: schooling experiences of ethnic Koreans in ChinaGao, F2010114
Bilingual education among ethnic Koreans in China: ethnic language maintenance and upward social mobilityGao, F2010184
A comparative analysis of the meaning of model minority among ethnic Koreans in China and the United StatesGao, F2010214
Effective Learning of Chinese Characters through Discerning and Combining Character ComponentsTse, SK2011205
Ethnicity, academic achievement, gender, and the role of teacher: an ethnographic study of the Korean school world of primary pupils in ChinaGao, F2006154
Ethnicity, achievement and friendship: Korean Chinese students' construction of peer networksGao, F2010171
Family structure, institutional context and school success: Charting the achievement gap among Korean Chinese pupilsGao, F2006195
Fei Xiao-tong and ethnic minority education: Reshaping culture-bound research methodologies.Postiglione, GA; Gao, F; Zhao Z., Z; Yu H., B; Wang L., J2005138
The impact of the integrative perceptual approach on the teaching of Chinese characters in a Hong Kong kindergartenLee, MTN; Tse, SK; Loh, EKY2011297
The Importance of After-School Private Tutoring for the Chinese Reading Attainment of Grade 4 Primary Students in Hong KongTse, SK; Loh, EKY2011176
Intercultural learningFu, A; Tsung, LTH; Gao, F201268
Language and power: Korean-Chinese students’ language attitude and practiceGao, F2009278
Language as a discourse: identity negotiation of ethnic Korean teachers in ChinaGao, F2010105
Learning Korean language in China: Motivations and strategies of non-KoreansGao, F2010200
Linguistic capital: continuity and change in educational language polices for South Asians in Hong Kong primary schoolsGao, F2011149
Orthographic knowledge important in comprehending elementary Chinese text by users of alphasyllabariesLeong, CK; Tse, SK; Loh, KY; Ki, WW2011277
Researching Korean children's schooling experience behind the model minority stereotype in China : an ethnographic approachGao, F2009156
Teacher identity, teaching vision, and Chinese language education of South Asian students in Hong KongGao, F2012172
What it means to be a “Model Minority”: schooling experiences and peer networks of Korean students behind the model minority stereotypeGao, F200898
What it means to be a “model minority”: Voices of ethnic Koreans in Northeast ChinaGao, F2008152
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