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Competition law enforcement in the television broadcasting sector in Hong Kong: Past cases and recent controversiesCheng, TKH2010302
Developing Asia's Financial Norms and StandardsArner, DW2009119
Emerging financial architecture: implications for Islamic financeArner, DW2010139
Financial liberalization, integration and regulation in AsiaArner, DW2009121
Financial regulation and the Asian growth model post-crisisArner, DW2009127
Financial regulation in Hong Kong: Time for a changeArner, DW; Hsu, BFC; Da Roza, AM20101,046
Form and substance of the doctrine of piercing of corporate veilCheng, TKH2010308
The Global Credit Crisis and the Financial Stability Board: Hardening the Soft Law of International Financial Regulation?Arner, DW; Taylor, MW2010199
The Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Finance and Financial RegulationArner, DW2010190
Global financial regulation post-LehmanArner, DW2009130
Global regulation for global markets?Taylor, MW; Arner, DW2010141
International responses to the global financial crisisArner, DW; Norton, JJ2009146
Judicial independence under the Basic Law: the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to ChinaHsu, BFC; Pu, L201081
A public trust doctrine for Hong KongHsu, BFC201192
Redesigning the architecture of the global financial systemArner, DW; Buckley, RP2010156
Redesigning the architecture of the global financial system: implications for AsiaArner, DW2009160
Reevaluating the Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis: The Case of Hong KongHsu, BFC; Arner, DW2009295
A road to financial stabilityAshraf, U; Gill, IM; Arner, DW2011327
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