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0.01cm: Affectivity and urban space in Chungking ExpressGan, WCH20031,418
The aesthetic of imperial ruins: The Elgins and John BowringTong, QS2006406
AILA Review: IntroductionLim, L; Low, EL200975
The alchemy of the upwardly mobile: Symbolic capital and the stylization of elites in frequent-flyer programmesThurlow, C; Jaworski, A2006121
Amelia Edwards’s picturesque views of Cairo: touring the land, framing the foreignKuehn, JC2009160
An analysis of 'and' in an English translation of 'Hong Lou Meng' and its equivalents in the original textNancarrow, OT; Luke, KK1995112
An analysis of the communication tactics used by hearing-impaired adultsStephens, SDG; Jaworski, A; Lewis, P; Aslan, S1999101
Another Frame for Stevens'Richards, PK200486
Another thing about Jake: Review of Alan Duff, Jake’s Long ShadowHeim, O200350
Another view of The Language InstinctMatthews, SJ; Yip, V1996100
Arthur Conan Doyle and the consumption cureKerr, D2010218
Back to Blavatsky: The impact of theosophy on modern linguisticsHutton, CM; Joseph, JE1998147
Bad and banned language: triad secret societies, the censorship of the Cantonese vernacular, and colonial language policy in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM19951,141
Believe-type raising-to-object and raising-to-subject verbs in English and Dutch: A contrastive investigation in diachronic construction grammarNoël, D; Colleman, T2010254
Between knowledge and 'plagiarism,' or, how the Chinese language was studied in the WestTong, QS2008105
Between sensation and sign: the secret language of the wavesChun, M2012139
Beyond fear and loathing in SG: The real mother tongues and language policies in multilingual SingaporeLim, L2009118
Beyond Orientalism: Texting the Victorian OrientKuehn, JC; Wagner, TS2009152
Boundary 2: IntroductionTong, QS201141
Breath as metaphor of sovereignty and connectedness in Pacific island poetryHeim, O2011116
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