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T.S. Eliot and musicPerito, Carl C.2003359
Talk and silence in The InterrogationJaworski, A1998139
Talking Chinese Canada: the poetry of Fred WahHo, See-way, Christine.; 何思慧2009350
Taylor, ApiranaHeim, O200575
Teacher's language alternation in an ESL classroom in an English as the medium of instruction (EMI) secondary school: a case studyChan, Ching-yan, Sammi; 陳靜欣2009416
Teachers' beliefs and practices in the implementation of a new Englishcurriculum in China: case studies of foursecondary school teachersWang, Wenfeng; 王文峰2008601
Teachers' perspectives on language arts in junior secondary English classroomsMcManus, Ceara Grey.2008237
Teachers' perspectives on using language arts to teach English to HongKong junior form studentsChan, Kit-chee.; 陳潔芝.2010447
Teaching English pronunciation to the Cantonese learner: facts and problemsChang Feng, Pao-chung, Lily.; 張馮寶中1966519
Teaching in two tongues: language alternationof bilingual teachers in English language lessons in Hong Kongsecondary schoolsLin, Angel; 練美兒1990391
Temporality in modernist literature: Ezra Pound and Virginia WoolfTsang, Chiu-ying, Venus.; 曾昭楹20031,204
Temporary Dusk'Richards, PK200770
Tennessee Williams: a study in the use of violence in drama.Lowcock, Jack Walter.1964366
The terra firma of personal linguistic experiencePable, AM201156
The Territorial Shaggy Dog'Richards, PK200576
Textbook in Progress: Developing Student Awareness in the Field of Meaning and InterpretationHutton, CM; Durant, A200068
Texts from the history of German linguistics (edited in 8 volumes, with an introduction to each volume)Hutton, CM1996108
Textual play and authority in postmodernist metafictionHarrison, Pauline Cecelia.1999274
"That other world that was the world": a study of the short fiction of Katherine Mansfield and NadineGordimerFotouhi, Sanaz.2004658
The 'radical' in the classroom in British school stories from the 1950s to the present dayGhelani, Divya.201171
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