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Sacrificial Cain in the modern workplaceLee, Keon-woong.2005390
Saul Bellow's fiction: power relations and female representationLiu, Wensong.; 劉文松2001338
Saussure's notion of the arbitrary nature of the sign, with special reference to orthographyKwok, Wai-ling, Polly.; 郭慧玲1997384
Schmidt, RichardLeung, JHC201282
Scientific ‘facts’ and ‘reality’ in linguistics and beyondPable, AM201087
'Sea burial'Gan, WCH200198
The Search for a Total Dictionary of Chinese (Editor's Introduction)Hutton, CM2002115
Searching the academy: a Chinese Opera and the rule of LawHo, EYL201323
'Secret Sydney'Gan, WCH2001111
Self assessment in the school-based assessment speaking component in aHong Kong secondary four classroom: a casestudyCheng, Man-chi, Sammi.; 鄭敏芝2009380
Semantics and the 'etymological fallacy' fallacyHutton, C1998140
Semiotic landscapes in context: first-order and second-order sign creationPable, AM; Christe, N2011114
Semiotic profile: Roy HarrisHutton, CM; Pable, AM201184
'Sexing the Raj: Moral Irresponsibility in the Late-Victorian Anglo-Indian Novel'Kuehn, JC200685
Shadow and stone: Figures of memory in Caribbean poetryHeim, O200594
Shadow education in Hong Kong: the experienceof learners of EnglishYung, Wai-ho.; 容煒灝.2011810
Shaw's heroes: varieties of imagination and the shavian protagonistsLi, Wan-kay, Kay.; 李芸磯1988221
“[She] said: ‘take the test’ and I took the test”. Relational work as a framework to approach directiveness in prenatal screening of Chinese clients in Hong KongZayts, OA; Schnurr, S201361
Sherlock Holmes, The secret agent, and ideas of justiceChan, Lit-chung.; 陳烈忠.2005669
Shopping and chatting: Reports of tourist-host interaction in the GambiaLawson, S; Jaworski, A2007144
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