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Race and Language: Ties of 'Blood and Speech', Fictive Identity and Empire in the Writings of Henry Maine and Edward FreemanHutton, CM2000144
Race and the Third Reich: linguistics, racial anthropology and genetics in the dialectic of VolkHutton, CM2005114
Race science and scientific racism'Hutton, CM2004100
Race Theory On Trial Under National Socialism: The Case Of Ludwig Ferdinand ClaussHutton, CM2005127
Radio leaks: Presenting and contesting leaks in radio news broadcastsJaworski, A; Fitzgerald, R; Morris, D2004124
Raising in German, Dutch and Englishvan der Auwera, J; Noël, D2009107
'Raising' in English, Dutch and Germanvan der Auwera, J; Noel, D2008108
'Raising' in English, Dutch and Germanvan der Auwera, J; Noel, D2008100
Raising: Dutch between English and GermanVan Der Auwera, J; Noël, D2011173
Rationality and irrationality in modernist writingYing, Pui-sze, Rosa; 英佩詩1999283
Raymond Williams and British cultural studiesTong, QS2003236
Re-imagining Hong Kong–China from the sidelines: fruit Chan's little Cheung and Durian DurianGan, WCH2010100
Reader response and the dynamics of plotFong, Wai-na, Wendy.; 方慧娜1998230
Reading aloud and Charles Dickens's styleHo, Lai-ming, Tammy.; 何麗明.2005733
Reading off the Map, or: What, and Where, is Experience in the Writing of Aritha van Herk and M. Nourbese Philip?Heim, O200049
Reading schizophrenia and female bodies across cultures: a psychoanalytical approach to selected novels by SylviaPlath, Maxine Hong Kingston and Toni MorrisonLo, Ying-wa.; 盧英華.2010578
Recalling oceanic communities: The transnational theatre of John Kneubuhl and Victoria Nalani KneubuhlHeim, O201276
Reconnecting language: Morphology and syntax in functional perspectivesSimon-Vandenbergen, AM; Davidse, K; Noël, D199786
Reflections on the implementation of a new literacy programme with a focus on reading and writing in a Hong Kong primary one classroomWong, Lai-kwan; 王麗群2009265
Relevance, accommodation and conversation: Modeling the social dimension of communicationCoupland, N; Jaworski, A1997107
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