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Jacob Grimm, Fredrich Pott, August SchleicherHutton, CM1995163
Jan Morris'Smethurst, P200386
'Je t'aime ... moi non plus': Deconstructing Love in 'Open Confession''Kuehn, JC2006116
Johann GoltshcedHutton, CM199591
Johann Herder, Dietrich Tiedemann & Johann FichreHutton, CM1995102
John Berryman's Pronouns: Open Burials and the Tall Tale'Richards, PK200275
John Buchan, Myth and ModernismKerr, DWF201338
John Everett Millais's 'Bubbles' and the Commercialization of ArtKuehn, JC2004104
Jonathan Swift'Smethurst, P2003117
Joseph ConradTong, QS2004167
Joseph Conrad and the performing artsBaxter, KI; Hand, R200990
Joseph Conrad: Last Essays. Ed. by Harold Ray Stevens and JH Stape. Joseph Conrad: Youth. Heart of Darkness. The End of the Tether. Ed. by Owen Knowles. Joseph Conrad: Suspense. Ed. by Gene M. MooreKerr, D2012106
The Journey from Modern to Postmodern in The Travels of Sir John Mandeville and Marco Polo’s Divisament dou Monde.Smethurst, P2006101
The Judge as a Godfather, Scholar, Educator, and Scolding Parent: judicial discourse in Cantonese Courtrooms in Hong KongLeung, J201249
Judicial discourse in Cantonese courtrooms in Hong KongLeung, JHC201245
Judicial Discourse in Cantonese Courtrooms in Postcolonial Hong Kong: The Judge as a Godfather, Scholar, Educator and Scolding ParentLeung, JHC2012113
Judicial theorizing about linguistic meaning? Can we write a history of legal linguistics?'Hutton, CM200392
Jurisprudential Musings in a Martial Arts Thriller: Peter Chan’s Wu XiaLeung, JHC201318
Justice according to the powerless: the case of unrepresented litigation in Hong KongLeung, JHC201320
Kaduva of privileged power, instrument of rural empowerment? The politics of English (and Sinhala and Tamil) in Sri LankaLim, LLS201321
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