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A case study of Primary 5 students' perceptions of the inductive approach and deductive approach in vocabulary teaching through the useof theme-based readersHo, Chun-yue.; 何臻愉2009565
A case study of teachers' and students' perception of mixed-code teaching in the F1 English classes of a Hong Kong (CMI) secondaryschoolLeung, Shuk-fong.; 梁淑芳2008376
A case study of the effect of second language drama teaching on learning motivation in high and low achieving classes in Hong KongLam, Chor-jing, Ana.; 林楚晶2009727
A comparative investigation of attitudes towards Taboo Language in English and CantoneseTsang, Yuet-ling.; 曾月玲20051,563
A comparative study of three translations of Gan Xiao Liu JiKwok, Hong-lok.; 郭康樂1994305
A comparison of the effects of bilingualised dictionary and no dictionary use on reading comprehension and vocabulary learning ofHong Kong lower secondary students in a Chinese medium of instructionschoolLee, Soo-jee, Cheryl.; 李秀智2008323
A comparison of the English and Chinese patterns of modification of noun phrases and the difficulties created by the differences betweenthe two patterns in translationChan, Hung-chong.; 陳虹莊.1997316
A constraint hierarchy approach to the different distribution of reflexives in English and GreekNtelitheos, Dimitrios.2001221
A critical study of Chinese translations of Oliver Twist and David CopperfieldHung, Eva.; 孔慧怡1980493
A critical study of the Chronique des PasquierMaher, Ena Marie.1970233
A generation 'betwixt and between': youth, gender and modernity in 1920s and 30s middlebrow women's writingJin, Xiaotian.; 金小天.2010360
A harvest of names: a study of the naming strategies in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Joseph Conrad's heartof darknessChu, Ngan-fung, Teresa.; 朱銀鳳1997224
"A lady wanted": Victorian governesses abroad1856-1898Yang, Hao-han, Helen.; 楊浩涵.2008980
A linguistic study of interrogation in Cantonese: comparisions [sic. comparisons] with EnglishWu, Kam-yin.; 胡錦賢1989287
A linguistic study of the Cantonese verbKwok Chang, Hoi-lun, Helen.; 郭張凱倫.1968299
A man for all reasons: colonialism and the cult of masculine reticence in Kipling's writingNightingale, Nicola.1998283
A question of identity: a study of three Indian novels in English of the nineteen eightiesMathai, Kavita.1996332
A semiotic approach to the advertising of private English tutoring programmes in Hong KongWong, Gee-ching; 王芷菁201384
A semo-lexemic analysis of some major clause structures containing patients of phenomena in modern standard ChineseCheng, Qilong.; 程琪龍1992239
A spectrographic and laryngographic analysis of Mandarin vowels and consonantsChing, Yuk-ching, Teresa; 程玉淸1978197
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