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'Introduction'Kerr, DWF; Kuehn, JC200780
'Introduction' to Marco PoloSmethurst, P200574
Introduction: China Abroad. Nation and Diaspora in a Chinese FrameHo, EYL2009124
Introduction: Difference and Convergence in GlobalizationTong, QS; Kerr, DWF200498
Introduction: Figures of memoryHeim, O; Wiedmer, C200572
Introduction: Interdisciplinary perspectives on English in China'Bolton, KR; Tong, QS200292
Introduction: Silence in institutional and intercultural contextsJaworski, A200566
“Introduction” to China after Thirty Years of Reform: Critical ReflectionsTong, QS201182
Invariant be in New England folk speech: Colonial and postcolonial evidencePablé, A; Dylewski, R200751
Inventing China: The Use of Orientalist Views on the Chinese LanguageTong, QS2000134
Inventing the Past: Memory Work in Culture and HistoryHeim, O; Wiedmer, C2005120
Investigating Form 6 students' responses to four different critical analysis activities with film to develop their critical thinkingskills: a case study of a Hong Kong languageclassroomLip, Chi-hong, Paul.; 聶智康2009323
Investigating gender in students' English learning beliefs in an English as a second language (ESL) classAu, Mei-yan, Florence.; 歐美恩2008443
Investigating recent changes in New Englishes with Factiva®Noel, D; van der Auwera, J201319
Is economics a science? Findings and estimates in scientific and economic textsNoël, D2007400
Is there semantics in all syntax? The case of accusative and infinitive constructions vs. that-clausesNoël, D200374
Is there such a thing as standard English?Li, Kit-yi Kitty.; 李潔儀.1999188
‘It’s just a likelihood’: Uncertainty as topic and resource in conveying ‘positive’ results in an antenatal screening clinicPilnick, A; Zayts, OA201319
Jacob Grimm, Fredrich Pott, August SchleicherHutton, CM1995163
Jan Morris'Smethurst, P200386
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