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Taki Love his fans', 'No, Taki Loves Me!': An Anthropological Study of the Female Fans of Takizawa Hideaki in Hong KongWong, HW2007107
Taking people seriously: a case study of Japanese adult videos in Hong Kong' (a joint paper with H.Y. Yau)Wong, HW2002101
Teaching film or using film to learn language and culture? Diverse approaches to teaching film in foreign language centresVazquez Vazquez, MM2009112
Teaching pronunciatin of Spanish as a foreign languageVillaescusa Illan, I200969
Technonationalism in East Asia: An Reassessment”Teo, VEL200858
Technonationalism, development and the Chinese diaspora in east Asia: an exploratory studyTeo, V200988
Temporary work in Japan and Hong Kong: the situation of female workersWong, Kam-fong, Winky.; 黃錦芳.2004700
The acquisition process of Cantonese phonology: a case studyTse, Chung-yee, Andrew.; 謝宗義1991435
The BA-construction in modern standard Chinese: some problems of constraintChan, Kin-hong.; 陳健康.1984313
The challenge of modernity and Italo Calvino's literary responses: an examination of the relationship betweenhumanity and the world with literature as reconciling forceWong, Kar-kei, Jenny.; 黃嘉琦.2012137
The change of footing in DJ talkChan Chu, Po-ling, Janice.; 陳朱寶玲.1989203
The communicative approach in the Hong Kong contextHo, Lai-kuen, Angela.; 何麗娟.1987321
The evaluation of 'self-study' materials for language learningFearn, Susan Lynn.1984244
The idea of kingship in ancient Chinese and Japanese mythologies: a comparative studyChan, Wai-yu.; 陳慧瑜.2004259
The influence of globalization on foreign news: insights from German press coverage of ChinaTing, Tin-yuet.; 丁天悦.2011439
The language of a one-year-old child: a case studyNg, Lai-ging, Pauline.; 吳麗貞.1984301
The language of the English language teaching textbook for second language learnersLam, Po-ching, Adrienne.; 林寶晶1980184
The management of a Japanese information technology company in Hong KongWoo, Po-shan, Faustine.; 胡葆珊.2001493
The occurrence of code-mixing in Hong KongLai, Wai-ying.1989969
The occurrence of schwa among Cantonese speakers of English in Hong KongShum, Nam Lung.; 沈南龍.1989473
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