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Ma Chio Pao, Mo Chio Tui: Honkon Jokkikurabu hakubutsu-kan ni kan suru yobi teki koosatsu ['Ma Chio Pao, Mo Chio Tui': a preliminary observation of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Museum]Wong, HW2002135
Made in AsiaNakano, Y2007111
Make a company localized or personalized: a case study of a Japanese electric subsidiary in ShanghaiZhang, Shu; 章抒2005305
Male homosexuality in modern Japan: cultural myths and social realitiesMcLelland, Mark James.19992,067
Management Philosophy as Hegemony: A Case Study of A Chinese Family Business in Hong KongWong, HW201333
Managerial control in a Japanese electronic manufacturing company in Hong KongTam, Sze-wan.; 譚思韻.1998281
Matthew Perry's Gunboat Diplomacy and the visual aesthetics of Macau's Protestant GraveyardJohnson, KA200989
Modifiers in the Chinese press in Hong Kong, with special reference toEnglish influenceSuen, Wai-chung.; 孫衛忠.1986219
Monde flottant : la médiation culturelle du Japon de Kikou YamataMeyer, DC200947
Monetary unity comes at vast costAuer, S201118
More Vocabulary, Better ProficiencyLai, EYW2007137
Murakami Haruki's Postmodern WorldMurakami, F2002157
Narratives of race and nation in China: Women's suffrage in the early twentieth centuryEdwards, L200256
Nationalism in Central Europe - A chance or a threat for the emerging liberal democratic order?Auer, S200020
Neither Simpletons Nor Gangsters. Mutual Cultural (miss)understandings On Latin American And Chinese ScreensVazquez Vazquez, MM201314
The New American Specie(s): The Crisis of National Character in Samuel Shaw's Vision of CantonJohnson, KA200857
'New Europe': Between cosmopolitan dreams and nationalist nightmaresAuer, S201023
New Japanese-Cantonese Dictionary(Shin Nikkan Jiten)Lai, EYW2008111
New Methodological Approaches to Culture and Language Integrated Learning in the University CurriculumVillaescusa Illan, I20136
Nihon kigyoo no jinruigaku' [Anthropology of Japanese Corporations]Wong, HW200384
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