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Kajirodo to Sabetsu Ishiki - Hong Kong to Nihon (Domestic Labor and Discrimination - Hong Kong and Japan)Murakami, F1998104
Kantongo KenkyF9 (Advanced Cantonese)Lai, YW199478
Kimura Takuya and Lu Xun:Japanese Soap on Chinese CampusesNakano, Y; Wu, Y2002158
Kinship and its relevance to the discourses on sex and sexual behaviours in Taiwan: a call for the return of Kinship StudiesWong, HW; Yau, HY2010178
Korea, China, and Western Barbarians: Diplomacy in Early Nineteenth-Century KoreaHara, T1998387
Korean Language and Korean Studies in Hong Kong (1998–2009)Kang Kim, H201016
La adquisición y el desarrollo lingüístico de los hablantes de herencia de español: un estudio de caso basado en la investigación-acción en el aulaAcosta Corte, A201325
Langage, identite et objets culturelsMeyer, DC201245
Language and CultureMeyer, DC201138
Language as Cultural Icon: Ainu Language Revival MovementOgawa, M199710
Language Centre.1994132
Language interference in a trilingual contextLai, YW199478
Language planning and bilingual education: a study of the teaching of the official languages in some CanadianschoolsAnderson, Iris.1978269
Language use in a geography classroom and implications for the teaching of English: an investigation intothe language used for one topic of the geography syllabus in a fourthform class in a Hong Kong secondary schoolNg Lau, Bick-mun, Peggie.; 吳劉碧文.1981170
Language, culture and iconic figuresMeyer, DC201141
Language, Culture and Iconic FiguresMeyer, DC201145
Language, Culture and Iconic FiguresMeyer, DC201142
Learning Cantonese Pronunciation in IPALai, EYW2006296
The legacy of Japan's colonial past: cultural influences on Taiwanese identity and implications for cross-strait relationsYau, HY; Wong, HW201335
The Legacy of the Japanese Colonial Past: Cultural Influences on Taiwanese Identity and Implications to Cross-Straits RelationsWong, HW; Yau, HY200996
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