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The ideal language teacher in the Hong Kong University context (in Japanese)Lui Kobayashi, M; Lai, YW1995109
Ideology and Narrative in Modern Japanese LiteratureMurakami, F199687
Ie (Family) Tradition and the Structure of Kaisha (Corporations) in JapanWong, HW200765
The importance of being free: Fu©Kin Music as alternative pop music productionChu, Y201121
The Importance of Japanese Culture in Understanding Chinese Societies (joint paper)Wong, HW; Yau, HY200899
Individual and society: reflections on the consumption of Japanese adult videos among a group of Taiwanese women in TaipeiWong, HW; Yau, HY200996
The influences of Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: case studies of Japanese popular music and YaohanWong, HW; Hui, CH2005287
An interview with Agnes HellerHeller, A; Auer, S200916
Intimate Threats of Empire: Spies and Manchuria in Print Culture of Colonial KoreaKim, SY201325
Introducing peer-learning in Japanese classes in Hong Kong: practices in HKU and in HKU SPACEMito, A; Seo, M201081
Introduction to The God Who Would Not DieCristaudo, W201148
Introduction to the WorkshopWong, HW200974
Introduction: Japanese Pornography and Chinese DesiresWong, HW; Yau, HY2008234
Introduction: making sense of European national identities and diversityVogt, CR; Cristaudo, WA201430
Introduction: revising first impressions: American stereotypes of China and the national romance of free tradeJohnson, KA201276
The Invention of Chineseness or The Inventiveness of Chineseness: A Critique of the Critique of Essentialized ChinesenessWong, HW201315
Inventiveness of Culture: Ie and KaishaWong, HW200870
An IPA Phonetics Workbook to Help Removing a Cantonese-based Accent in EnglishLai, EYW2003233
Irish problems highlight euro faultsAuer, S201017
Is Japanese Popular Culture A Kind Of ‘soft Power’ Or It Has No Power?Wong, HW201158
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