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Gender and the "virtue of violence": Creating a new vision of political engagement through the 1911 revolutionEdwards, L; Zhou, L201168
Gender In Japan: Power And Public PolicyNakayama, I201331
Gendered fictions and Chinese women's historyEdwards, LP201265
Genji Monogatari no Keigo (the Honarific in the tale of Genji)Murakami, F1996189
Genji Monogatari no Keiyoshi (the adjectives in the tale of Genji)Murakami, F199591
The Geological Picturesque and the Rise of Corporate Character in Washington Irving'sJohnson, KA201055
German as a Foreign Language in an English-Chinese Environment - Current Situation and Promotion in Hong KongChong, L201264
German austerity is not the answerAuer, S201222
German National Identity: Moving Beyond GuiltVogt, CR; Chong, L201423
Germans can't keep paying for EuropeAuer, S201214
Ginseng, genre, and the continental drifts of early American commerceJohnson, KA200949
Graphic images and commercial culture: Analysis of modern advertising culture in ChinaLee, PT; Wu, Y201350
The great gift: the impact of Franz Rosenzweig’s Jewishness on Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyCristaudo, WA200997
Greek crisis may sound Europe death knellAuer, S201020
Group-centred language classesMorrison, Donald Meigs.1980137
He treats me well so I please him with my body: A comparative study of the negotiation processes in sex in Taipei and Hong Kong (a joint paper with H. Y. Yau)Wong, HW2003108
Hegel on Kant, Fichte, Jacobi: Being Reasonable about Faith and KnowledgeCristaudo, WA200793
Henry James and the crisis of place in the global frame of financial capitalJohnson, KA201057
Henry James and the Visual (Reissue ed.)Johnson, KA201167
Henry James's Visions of Finance CapitalJohnson, KA200960
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