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"Faith, Commerce and Reverend David Abeel’s Global Geographic Imagination: Mapping “South-eastern Asia” in Journal of a Residence in China (1833)"Johnson, KA201255
Family and Marriage in Asia: Japanese, Korean and Chinese Home-dramas seen from Chinese audienceWu, Y201076
Farewell to Foucault: reflections on the ways individual Japanese expatriates live the subjectivities of 'the Japanese expatriate'Wong, HW2009109
Father and son: the case of Hong De Yong (洪大容): introduction to the Byeol-jang-si-moon (別章詩文)Kang Kim, HW200952
Fernando Pérez et al. A world cinema of questionsVazquez, MM201321
A few but valuable things that I learned from Nakamaki SenseiWong, HW201258
A Few Things that We Know about the Cultural Meaning of ‘Japan’ in Lee Teng Hui’s Nation Building (joint paper)Wong, HW; Yau, HY200864
Figures iconiques et Grammaire culturelleMeyer, DC201180
The First Trip Abroad, 1965-1970: Teaching ‘Western’ Manners to Japanese Package Tourists”Nakano, Y200983
The First Trip Abroad, 1965-1970: Teaching ‘Western’ Manners to Japanese Package Tourists”Nakano, Y200990
Fitzhugh, W. & Dubreuil, C. (eds.) (1999). Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People: Book reviewsRefsing, K2001313
A floating sense of selves : Kikou Yamata's mediation of JapanMeyer, DC2010120
Following The West, No Longer: It Is The Time For Asian Scholars To Write BackWong, HW201079
Following the West, stillWong, DHW2008105
Forms of brevityMeyer, DC201321
ForwardWong, HW201256
The fragility of China in a changing international order, historical parallels between Imperial Germany and Contemporary ChinaVogt, CR201247
‘Franz Rosenzweig’s Troublesome Critique of Islam’ the ‘Faith, Truth and Reason’ International Franz Rosenzweig Society ConferenceCristaudo, WA200690
French case threatens project EuropeAuer, S201019
French Cultural objectsMeyer, DC201147
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