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“Early American Printers in Canton”Johnson, KA201148
Eastern and Western Anthropologists Unite in Culture: A Personal NoteWong, HW200684
Eating and Drinking in a Red Chambered DreamEdwards, LP201330
Editing Academic Books in Humanities and Social Sciences: maximizing Impact for EffortEdwards, LP201221
Educational reform in Japan and Hong Kong: a comparative study of curriculum decentralizationWong, Nai-kei.; 黃乃淇.2004618
Ekkyosuru popyura karucha: Ri Koran kara Takki madeTanikawa, T; Wong, HW; Wu, Y2009148
El currículo de ELE en Asia-Pacífico (The Spanish as a foreign language curriculum in Asia-Pacific)Cervantes Institute; Arriaga, N; Blasco Garcia, R; Ducasse, A; González, S; López-Fernández, L; Menéndez, F; Pérez, I; Robisco, J; Sánchez, A201063
The Elements of Popular Theatre in Japanese FilmsWu, Y201049
The Emergence of a New Sexual Ideal: A Case Study of Yuki Maiko's Pornographic VCDs in Hong KongYau, HY; Wong, HW2009447
The Emerging Hong Kong Identity by Way of Popular CultureWong, HW; Yau, HY201225
Empire of Intimacy: intermarriage and affect in colonial KoreaKim, SY201317
The End of the European Dream and the Future of Europe’s Constrained DemocracyAuer, S201337
The engagement of China and Japan by ASEAN: prospects and pitfalls for regionalismTeo, VEL201277
Enlazados En Tres CancionesVillaescusa Illan, I201323
Escape, exploration and pursuit: Japanese women working in Hong KongLau, Sum-yin.; 劉心硏.1998321
Esther's IPA English Pronunciation Workbook, ElementaryLai, EYW2007104
Esther's IPA English Pronunciation Workbook, IntermediateLai, EYW2007117
Esther's IPA Pronunciation Workbook, AdvancedLai, EYW200788
¿Esto me suena a chino? Dificultades para aprendientes de ELE en Hong Kong (Does this sound like Chinese? Difficulties for Chinese leaners of Spanish in HK)Blasco Garcia, R201236
Ethnic Boundary, Ethnic Identity Politics and the Failure of Localization of Management in Overseas Japanese CompaniesWong, HW200767
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