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Can course objectives promote learners' motivation and sense of achievements?Mito, A201214
Cantonese Durational and Pitch Transfer Tendencies in Second Language LearningLai, YW2001109
Cantonese for English Speakers, I, IILai, EYW200770
Cantonese for Japanese Speakers, I, IILai, EYW200780
The Care of the Elderly in JapanWu, Y200989
The case study of Japanese pornographic VCDs in Hong KongWong, HW; Yau, HY2008147
Cases of developing 'Standards' for Japanese Language Education: JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, JLC Japanese Standards and HKU Japanese Language StandardsMito, A201099
The Challenge of Anti-Islamic Populist Parties in EuropeVogt, CR201240
The Changes Of Actresses’ Images Of Porn Movies In Postwar Hong Kong Or The Emergence Of The Identity Of Hong Kong People.Wong, HW2010461
Chaplin, CharlesGruenewald, T201120
Chapter 2: Hong KongMurakami, F2001106
Chapter 2: Hong Kong (NB: This is a revised version of my previous publication (#76439).)Murakami, F2004134
China in the Japanese press: a case study of Zhu Rongji's visit to Japan in 2000Rong, Xuefei.; 榮雪霏.2002204
China Peaceful Rise vis-a-vis Japan and Southeast Asia: A Test Case for China's World StatusTeo, VEL201082
China’s ascendance as second-largest economy in the world: pondering geopolitical implicationsTeo, VEL201193
The Chronological Table of Hong Kong and Japan RelationsChan, CY; 陳湛頤; Yeung WY; 楊詠賢2004202
Ch’i and Chinese Marriages: A Critique of Western Jural Approach to Chinese MarriagesWong, HW200873
Citizenship, culture and identity in prewar OkinawaMeyer, Stanislaw.2007373
Clés pour la France en 15 icônes culturellesMeyer, DC201242
Clés pour la France en 80 icones culturellesMeyer, DC201054
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