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Bailout hopes could hit Berlin WallAuer, S201215
The Beauty of the Beasts: Wildlife as Exotic and Esoteric Gifts in DiplomacyTeo, VEL201246
Belgium: A Nation-State Without a National Identity?Vogt, CR201434
Between enmity and partnership: great power status, international reputation and national interests in Sino-Soviet/Russian relationsTeo, VEL200999
Between graphic narrative and fan activism: Gene Luen Yang and the Avatar: the last Airbender franchiseGruenewald, T201251
Bilingualism: problems of description and measurement.Hunter, Duncan Burns.1975243
Body, Health and Beauty: Beauty Culture seen through Cosmetics Advertisements in Meiji PeriodWu, Y2008110
Bohoo no soozoo' [Creativity of imitation]Wong, HW2002162
Brazil at a Socio-Cinematic Crossroads: State Intervention on ScreenVazquez Vazquez, MM201426
Brazil, Jews, and transatlantic tradeLevi, JA200938
Bringing back character and grammar: freeing literature from excessive reliance on philosophy and theoryCristaudo, WA201176
Bringing back character and grammar: freeing literature from philosophy and theoryCristaudo, WA201098
Britain in the Aftermath of the Indonesian Invasion of Timor, 1977: The Fiction of Neutrality and the Reality of Silent HelpCosta, A201316
The British empire and the American Atlantic on Tristan da Cunha, 1811-16Fichter, J200825
Business Anthropology / Anthropology of Administration in JapanWu, Y2010107
Can course objectives promote learners' motivation and sense of achievements?Mito, A201214
Cantonese Durational and Pitch Transfer Tendencies in Second Language LearningLai, YW2001109
Cantonese for English Speakers, I, IILai, EYW200769
Cantonese for Japanese Speakers, I, IILai, EYW200779
The Care of the Elderly in JapanWu, Y200989
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