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A comparative study of the extent of diglossia/bilingualism among secondary pupils in the rural and urban areas of Hong KongMok, Chung-shing.; 莫總城.1981602
A comparative study of the themes of Yoshimoto Banana's "First phase Banana": Tugumi, N.P. and AmuritaHeung, Kak-lam, Jimmy.; 香格琳.2006389
A comparative study of two Japanese-English and two Japanese-Chinese translations of the Tale of GenjiShen, Lok-hin, Kevin.; 沈樂軒2003650
A comparison between 'global integrative' language test & 'task-based'communicative skill language test as predictor of languageproficiencyLee, Yick-pang; 李亦鵬1979194
A comparison of two models for writing reform in Chinese: "Pinyin script" and Tang Lan's "synthetic system ofwriting"Lam, Po-wah.; 林葆華.1982269
A critical appraisal of the relationship between attitudes and EnglishproficiencyCheung Ng, Gaik-hoon.1979287
A descriptive study of some aspects of Cantonese spoken by an Indian child in Hong KongCheng, Ngai-lai.; 鄭雅麗1980248
A diachronic study of a-not-a questions in Chinese since the 18th centuryMok, Wai-han, Olivia.; 莫慧嫻1984201
A diachronic study of the 'passive construction' in the Chinese languageLam, Tin-chi.; 林天賜.1985251
A discourse analysis of Katherine Mansfield's The garden party and other short storiesPoon, Yuk-kang, Anita.; 潘玉琼.19872,693
A Japanese hostess club in Hong KongSuzuki, Mayumi.; 鈴木真由見.20071,015
A lexical analysis of difficulties encountered by middle 4 students ina Chinese middle school in using a local English course bookChiang, Ling-wah, Kitty.; 姜玲華.1987424
A linguistic description and analysis of interlanguage errors, with reference to the written work of some secondary school students inHong KongChu, Wai-ling.; 朱慧玲.1987521
A linguistic discussion of terminology of dishesFung, Tak-kit.; 封德傑.1989351
A linguistic study of advertising English in the Hong Kong pressWong, Yuk-yue, Viola.; 黃玉華.1977579
A linguistic study of literary and colloquial Min dialectWong, Lai-king, Rosanna.; 王麗瓊.1985262
A morphological study of the language of XixiangjiCheng, Ngai-lai.; 鄭雅麗1984319
A sociolinguistic study of the "indigenous residents" of Tsing Yi Island: a preliminary surveyTang, Tsui-yee, Eastre.; 鄧翠怡.1988256
A sociolinguistic study of the language habits of the University studentsLo, Chi-yu, Caroline.; 羅智瑜.1982534
A study of Chinese-Philippine language contactSwords, Brian Joseph1979192
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