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1938 and 1968, 1939 and 1969 and the Philosophy of Czech History from Karel H. Mácha to Jan PatočkaAuer, S200922
1938 and 1968, 1939 and 1969, and the philosophy of Czech History from Karel H. Mácha to Jan PatoĉkaAuer, S200824
2. The Post-Modern Opening of the ‘ 68 Generation and the Return of an Old God without Superstition and MetaphysicsCristaudo, WA2011122
50 Cues to Perfecting a Near-native AccentLai, EYW2004161
'80后'中国年轻人眼中的日本流行文化Wu, Y2010108
A comparative study of the extent of diglossia/bilingualism among secondary pupils in the rural and urban areas of Hong KongMok, Chung-shing.; 莫總城.1981601
A comparative study of the themes of Yoshimoto Banana's "First phase Banana": Tugumi, N.P. and AmuritaHeung, Kak-lam, Jimmy.; 香格琳.2006388
A comparative study of two Japanese-English and two Japanese-Chinese translations of the Tale of GenjiShen, Lok-hin, Kevin.; 沈樂軒2003649
A comparison between 'global integrative' language test & 'task-based'communicative skill language test as predictor of languageproficiencyLee, Yick-pang; 李亦鵬1979194
A comparison of two models for writing reform in Chinese: "Pinyin script" and Tang Lan's "synthetic system ofwriting"Lam, Po-wah.; 林葆華.1982269
A critical appraisal of the relationship between attitudes and EnglishproficiencyCheung Ng, Gaik-hoon.1979286
A descriptive study of some aspects of Cantonese spoken by an Indian child in Hong KongCheng, Ngai-lai.; 鄭雅麗1980248
A diachronic study of a-not-a questions in Chinese since the 18th centuryMok, Wai-han, Olivia.; 莫慧嫻1984201
A diachronic study of the 'passive construction' in the Chinese languageLam, Tin-chi.; 林天賜.1985250
A discourse analysis of Katherine Mansfield's The garden party and other short storiesPoon, Yuk-kang, Anita.; 潘玉琼.19872,691
A Japanese hostess club in Hong KongSuzuki, Mayumi.; 鈴木真由見.20071,011
A lexical analysis of difficulties encountered by middle 4 students ina Chinese middle school in using a local English course bookChiang, Ling-wah, Kitty.; 姜玲華.1987419
A linguistic description and analysis of interlanguage errors, with reference to the written work of some secondary school students inHong KongChu, Wai-ling.; 朱慧玲.1987518
A linguistic discussion of terminology of dishesFung, Tak-kit.; 封德傑.1989350
A linguistic study of advertising English in the Hong Kong pressWong, Yuk-yue, Viola.; 黃玉華.1977576
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