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A linguistic study of literary and colloquial Min dialectWong, Lai-king, Rosanna.; 王麗瓊.1985262
A morphological study of the language of XixiangjiCheng, Ngai-lai.; 鄭雅麗1984319
A sociolinguistic study of the "indigenous residents" of Tsing Yi Island: a preliminary surveyTang, Tsui-yee, Eastre.; 鄧翠怡.1988256
A sociolinguistic study of the language habits of the University studentsLo, Chi-yu, Caroline.; 羅智瑜.1982534
A study of Chinese-Philippine language contactSwords, Brian Joseph1979192
A study of euphemism in ChineseLam, Siu-ming, Sharman.; 林少明.1986613
A study of language attitudes in Hong Kong: Cantonese speakers' response to English and Cantonese on thetelephoneGran, Betty Jean.1987368
A study of language requirements in technical and commercial training establishments in Hong Kong: a survey ofattitudes towards English amongst craft-level students in thetechnical institutes in Hong KongFoulds, David.1980195
A study of language use and language loyalty among school age Indian and Pakistanis in Hong KongKwong, Tse-wai, Loretta.; 鄺子慧.1983410
A study of reduplication in BurmeseLay, Khin.1978249
A study of the bilingual Cantonese English teacher's code-switching insecondary school classroomSo, Wai-ching, Jean.; 蘇惠貞.1988418
A study of the Chinese influence on Akutagawa Ryūnosuke as reflected in his "Chūgoku-mono"Yeung, Wing-yin, Virginia.; 楊詠賢1992331
A study of the communicative strategies used by the sixth form students in a small group discussionKwok, Kit-yee, Belinda.; 郭潔儀.1987215
A study of the deletion rate and item characteristics of cloze passages in cloze testingLo, Yee-man, Francis.; 盧宇文.1983229
A study of the pivotal construction in modern standard ChineseFok, Tat-man.; 霍達文.1985277
A study of the syntax of legal ChineseLee, Young-cheung.; 李永強.1983238
A study of the use of written English in the Hong Kong civil serviceLam, Siu-ming, Sharman.; 林少明.1987204
A synchronic and diachronic investigation of Macanese: the Portuguese-based Creole of Macao.Arana-Ward, Marie.1978410
Acquisition of Japanese tense and aspect by Cantonese speakersInoue, Yumi.1998406
Acquisition of negation in a Mandarin-speaking childLee, Hun-tak, Thomas.; 李行德.1981416
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