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On Bare FeetLam, ASL199864
Once upon the Lamma HillsLam, ASL200869
Orthographic convergence in ChinaLam, ASL199869
Paper box collectorLam, ASL200568
Paper box collectorLam, ASL200668
Paper box collectorLam, ASL200179
'Paper box collector', 'Taxi drivers talking to me', 'To Sonia', 'Water wood pure splendour', 'To our friend, Cheng Erjin' and 'A song from the moon'Lam, ASL200181
Peer feedback: The learning element of peer assessmentLiu, MF; Carless, D2006655
Perspectives on foreign-language policy: studies in honour of Theo Van Els (Book notices)Nunan, DC1999365
PetalsLam, ASL200368
A piece of chalk (in Chinese)Lam, ASL199566
Poems and paintings by Joseph Lee: The next ten years back to natureLam, ASL200761
Poetry in Hong Kong : The 1990sLam, ASL199886
Poetry In Hong Kong: The 1990sLam, ASL199881
Poetry in the classroom: Some tips for teachersLam, ASL199978
The Problem of Language Proficiency: To Test or to Train?Corcos, RD2001236
Professional Word WebThe University of Hong Kong; Hill, Monica2003259
Psycholinguistics and second language acquisitionLam, ASL199993
Psycholinguistics and the development of second language acquisitionLam, ASL199885
Psycholinguistics for second language teachersLam, ASL1999103
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