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X-ray crystallographic studies of osmium and ruthenium complexes of multianionic, polypyridyl and tertiary amine ligandsTong, Wai-fong.; 唐偉方1991465
X-ray crystallographic studies of two virulence factors from two fungal pathogens, P. marneffei and C. neoformansLam, Wai-hei; 林瑋熙201231
X-ray observations of the starburst galaxy IC 342Mak, Suet-ying.; 麥雪瑩.2008286
Xi Shui Dong Factory conservation project at Wuxi: a case of property developer-led conservationChen, Xi; 陈希2010214
Xi'an Muslim Quarter: opportunities and challenges for public participation in historic conservationZhang, Yi; 張怡2008360
Xiao Yuncong (1596-1669) and his landscape paintingsSzeto, Yuen-kit.; 司徒元傑1999495
Xiong Tingbi's (1569-1625) strategy in defending Liaodongagainst the Jurchen invasionLai, Sing-chi.; 黎承志.1991482
XML-manipulating techniques for the testing and analysis of XML-manipulating servicesMei, Lijun.; 梅立军.2010209
Xu Beihong [1895-1953] and Western influence: a study of his large-scale history paintingsYeung, Yuk-ling, Cecilia.; 楊玉玲1996446
Xu CanTsang, Wai-sin.; 曾惠仙.2007434
Xu Jiyu (1795-1873) and his Yinghuan zhilueLeung, Yue-sang.; 梁餘生1992511
Xun Zi's concepts of human nature and mindChu, Hsiao-hai, Sherman.; 朱曉海1993475
Yamdrok melange, Gyantze district, Xizang (Tibet), ChinaLiu, Jianbing.; 劉建兵2001521
Yan Fu (1854-1921) and the Peking UniversityChan, Lai-choi.; 陳禮財.1999437
Yang Yongtai (1885-1936) and the establishment of the Hubei provincial administrationKoo, Siu-shin.; 古兆千1991489
Yau Lit and the 1911 RevolutionYau Tsang, Ka-lai, Carrie.; 尤曾家麗.2009629
Yes associated protein (YAP) in hepatocellular carcinoma: oncogenic functions and molecular targetingXu, Zhi; 徐智2009314
Yiddish, quasi-yiddish and ideologies of American EnglishYuen, Hiu-sum.; 袁曉芯.2004602
Yoga and master Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings: the practice of self-reflexive projects among forty individuals inlate modern Hong KongWalcher Davidson, Prisca Rossella Mina.201281
"You play with me, then I friend you.": development of conditional constructions in Chinese-English bilingual preschool children inSingaporeChen, Ee-san; 陳玉珊2002550
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