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L1 effect on L2 acquisition: an investigationon Hong Kong bilingualsTang, Hoi-yee, Cindy.; 鄧凱兒.2006450
L1 influence on Cantonese as a second language among adult Putonghua-speaking learners in Hong KongLau, Mung-ha; 劉夢霞201048
L1 influence on the learning of English among high school students in Harbin: a case study of adverbialplacementHu, Yuxiu, Lucille.; 胡玉秀.2006432
L1 influence on the learning of some syntactic structures among Hong Kong students of English: a case study ofprepositional placementChan, Che-lee, Pamela.; 陳芷莉.2003755
Labelling consumer products for reduction in generation of solidwasteLee, Tang-ming, Tanton.; 李騰鳴1995357
Labor politics in Hong Kong: a case study on minimum wages legislationLam, Cheuk-ho, Raymond.; 林焯豪.2007786
Laboratory diagnosis of (--SEA) alpha-thalassaemia deletionMa, Victor.; 馬慰平2001342
Laboratory investigation of loosely compacted completely decomposed granite for slope designZhang, Jiajie; 张家杰2011242
Labour and employment in Hong Kong and South KoreaWong, Ka-lin, Judy.; 黃嘉蓮.1995352
Labour contract in China: an analysis of the contractual arrangement of human resources under a socialist marketeconomyChow, Kam-wah.; 周錦華.1995464
Labour education programs for young industrial workers in Hong Kong: a preliminary program evaluation of threevoluntary welfare agencies.Mok, Tai-kee, Henry.; 莫泰基.1977345
Labour importation in Hong Kong: a study of its implications on human resource management and workplacerelationsLee, Oi-man, Grace.; 李藹雯.1997495
Labour migration and economic development in Guangdong, China: implications for labour mobilityXu, Zhongling.; 徐宗玲1997482
Labour movement and its influence on the development of social security in Hong KongTsui, Fee-hung, Vincent.; 徐飛雄.1986375
Labour organizations and political change in Hong KongChiu, Kit-yi, Priscilla.; 趙潔儀.1986436
Labour policy and the employment ordinanceYeung, Siu-hung, Polly.; 楊少紅.1991247
Labour policy and the protection of the legal entitlements of private sector employeesTse, Sau-kuen.; 謝秀娟.1992359
Labour policy in Hong Kong in the 90'Chan, Ha-kwan, Nikkiter.; 陳夏鈞.2000483
Labour unrest in Malaya, 1934-1941Tai, Yuen.; 戴淵1973369
Labyrinth and pyramid: a dialogue, Tsim Sha TsuiNg, Sze-wing, Angela.; 伍思詠2000391
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