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E-cadherin in gastric cancerChan, On-on, Annie.; 陳安安.2004803
E-engagement in Hong Kong: a review of top-down engagementChan, Po-chi.; 陳寶慈.2011297
E-learning for lifelong learning in Hong KongLi, Siu-har, Shirley.; 李小霞.2004356
E-portfolios as a strategy to support the development of self-directedlearning skillsDouglas, Helen.2012208
E.M. Forster's vision of lifeWang, Chiu, Anna.; 汪昭1965278
Early blockade of glutamate receptors within the vestibular nucleus deters the maturation of thalamic neurons in the system for detectionof linear accelerationChan, Lai-yung; 陳麗蓉2010209
Early childhood caries and its possible related factors in MacauWu, Isabel.; 胡婉明.2001414
Early childhood caries and quality of life of pre-school childrenLee, Hiu-man, Gillian.; 李曉雯2008407
Early childhood growth patterns and adult health indicatorsLo, Pang-yuen.; 羅鵬遠.2006210
Early Chinese community in Hong Kong 1841-1870Ting, Sun-pao, Joseph; 丁新豹19881,302
Early detection and screening of familial nasopharyngeal carcinomaNg, Wai-tong.; 吳偉棠.2008346
Early education and training centres in Hong Kong: a historical and evaluative analysisPang, Cheung-yin, Rebecca.; 彭張燕.1990341
Early identification screeners for preschool children at-risk for reading difficulties in Hong KongLeung, Nga-ki, Kate.; 梁雅琪.2010359
Early intervention for children with autistic spectrum disorder : a systematic reviewLi, Huiyun; 李蕙筠201355
Early middle Chinese: a new interpretationChan, Yee-shun, Abraham.; 陳以信1998403
Early Ming politics and the Chin-hua SchoolLai, Chung-wai.; 賴松偉1984329
Early post-second world war baby boomer's expectations on the quality of private property management service in Hong KongTsui, Lee-lee; 徐莉莉2009393
Early preparation for external assessment: introducing writing assessment criteria to form one studentsLee, Siu-yin.; 李肇燕.2008380
Early Qin music: manuscript Tōkyō, Tōkyō Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan TB1393 and manuscript Hikone, Hikone-Jōhakubutsukan V633Yang, Yuanzheng.; 楊元錚.2005483
Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers with uncomplicated vaginal deliveries and their healthy full-term infantsTang, Wai-wo.; 鄧蕙和2009299
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