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Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) of brain and cervical spinal cordNg, Man-cheuk.; 吳文卓2007345
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of rodent visual and auditory systemXing, Kai; 邢锴2011109
Functional morphology of Echinocephalus sinensis (Nematoda: Gnathostomatidae), parasite from the oyster and ray in Hong KongLing, Mei-lun, Julia; 凌美麟1977250
Functional MRI research on language processing in Chinese children andadultsKwok, Sze-wei.; 郭思蔚.2004298
Functional outcome of mandibular reconstruction with microvascular free flaps: systematic reviewLopes, Valentina.2010198
Functional outcomes after myocutaneous free flap and osteocutaneous free flap for maxillary reconstruction: across sectional comparisonLoo, Sun Din.; 羅山定.2012134
Functional outcomes and long term complications following distraction osteogenesis of the maxilla and mandible: asystematic reviewMah, Michelle Clare.201328
Functional properties of aortic smooth muscle in bicuspid aortic valvediseaseHo, Ka-lai, Cally.; 何嘉麗.2011196
Functional properties of otolith neurons in the vestibular nucleus of young and adult rats during off-vertical axis rotationLai, Chun-hong.; 黎振航1995153
Functional qualities of rice for high temperature food processingChui, Man-yung.; 徐敏容2002207
Functional regulation of the forkhead box M1 transcription factor by Raf/MEK/MAPK signalingTong, Ho-kwan.; 湯皓鈞.2006205
Functional role of a purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thalianaSun, Feng; 孙峰2011156
Functional role of AMPK-{221}1 expression in ovarian cancer progressionLi, Cuilan; 李翠兰2011236
Functional role of endothelin-1 on astrocytes and neurons under hypoxia/ischemia by using ET-1 transgenic and knockout miceYaw, Lai-ping.; 邱麗萍.2003371
Functional roles of heparanase in endochondral ossificationYeung, Man-nga.; 楊文雅.2009226
Functional roles of rarely-used synonymous codon and sequences variation in type I cytokine receptorsWong, Hei-kiu.; 王熙喬2009179
Functional segregation of the highly conserved basic motifs within thethird endoloop of the human secretin receptorChan, Yuen-yee, Kathy; 陳婉儀2001162
Functional studies and expression regulation of two leptin isoforms in grass carpChen, Ting; 陈廷201211
Functional studies of Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 in nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsLi, Hoi-ming; 李海明2004340
Functional studies of pituitary activin/follistatin system in grass carpFung, Sai-kit; 馮世傑201023
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