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Factors associated with depressive mood among elderly family caregivers of patients with dementia in the communityChan, Chun-yip; 陳駿業2010234
Factors associated with depressive symptoms in Hong Kong: a cross-sectional surveyYip, Nga-ting, Keziah.; 葉雅婷.2005205
Factors associated with osteoporosis medication adherence in HongKongSoong, Sze-sze.; 宋思思.2010243
Factors associated with patient satisfaction in emergency department in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan : a systematic reviewBai, Bei; 白蓓201334
Factors associated with the choice of surgery in breast cancer : a systematic reviewTam, Hin-pong; 譚顯邦201318
Factors contributing to English oral reading fluency in Chinese children learning English as a second languageYeung, Kit-yu, Kitty.; 楊潔瑜2008398
Factors contributing to job satisfaction amongst Macau secondary and primary school teachers: implications forschools managementWong, Ip-kit, Edward.; 黃業傑1985178
Factors contributing to social support among marriage migrants in HongKong: a longitudinal studyWong, Kam-fong, Winky.; 黃錦芳.2013269
Factors for suboptimal compliance and outcome in amblyopia treatment for children in Hong KongChu, Chung-yin.; 朱仲賢.2011106
Factors influencing adolescents' career aspirations: a perspective from Hong KongCheng, Mun-yee, Sandra.; 鄭敏儀.2012461
Factors influencing developers' decision to sell housing units with fittings: empirical evidence from ChinaLi, Yi-man.; 李綺雯.2010177
Factors influencing elderly's residential satisfaction under the forced relocation of urban redevelopment / y Li Sai ChungLi, Sai-chung; 李世忠201328
Factors influencing intention and behaviour for organ donation : a systematic reviewJiao, Yilin; 焦怡琳201341
Factors influencing parents' decision on their children's vaccination against seasonal influenza : a systematic reviewMeng, Yue; 孟玥201328
Factors influencing talent development of elite athletes in Hong KongChan, Oi-lan.; 陳凱蘭.2012116
Factors influencing the choice of mode for trips to and from Chek Lap Kok AirportTam, Yee-wah.; 譚漪樺.1999141
Factors influencing turnover of medical doctors in the public hospitals in Hong KongLau, Wan-ling, Elaine.; 劉蘊玲.2007247
Factors leading to the success of a parent-teacher association (PTA): a case study in a secondary school in HongKongShum, Chi-yuen.; 岑志遠.2009320
Factors predicting spontaneous formation of implementation plans in cervical cancer screeningLau, Sze-sze, Cecilia.; 劉司司2008198
Factors predicting treatment adherence among first episode psychosis patients at psychiatric outpatient clinic in Hong KongMan, Yuen-ling; 文婉玲201350
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