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Evolution of a project organisation in a client authorityWalford, Bernard.1989273
Evolution of bamboo scaffolding for building construction in Hong Kongfrom the 1960s to the present dayLee, Hong-lam.; 李劻霖.2012368
Evolution of organisational culture: a Singapore experienceChew Lim, Fee-yee.; 林慧瑜1997380
Evolution of residents' participation in public housing in Hong Kong: from Estate Management Advisory Committee(EMAC) to Estate Management Owners Committee (EMOC)Lau, Po-ngan.; 劉寶顔.1999245
Evolution of the Northland ophiolite, New Zealand: geochemical, geochronological and palaeomagneticconstraintsWhattam, Scott A.2003271
Evolution of two circadian output genes in cyanobacteria from extreme habitatsAkhee, Sabiha Jahan.2010194
Evolution problems in supersymmetric quantum mechanicsCheng, Kai-ming.; 鄭啓明1993189
Evolutionary computation of geodesic paths in CAD/CAMXue, Feng; 薛峰2001232
Evolutionary design of fuzzy-logic controllers for manufacturing systems with production time-delaysKwong, Sai-ling.; 鄺世凌2002239
Evolutionary design of fuzzy-logic controllers for overhead cranesCheung, Tai-yam.; 張大任2001189
Evolutionary design of fuzzy-logic controllers with minimal rule sets for manufacturing systemsTong, Ching-mun.; 唐靜敏2002170
Evolutionary optimisation of decision rules for production-distribution systemsLing, Kwok-tung.; 凌國棟.2003186
Evolutionary optimisation of industrial systemsLeung, Wai-man, Wanthy.; 梁慧敏1999362
Evolutionary optimisation of production-control systemsMok, Pik-yin.; 莫碧賢.2001350
Evolutionary optimization methods for mass customizing platform productsLi, Li; 李麗2007394
Evolutionary synthesis of time-optimal control policiesYiu, Chun-fan.; 姚濬帆2002252
Evolving Hakka enclosed house: design from network to typologyYang, Ke, Kayla.; 杨珂.201339
Ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells: preclinical studies and clinical applicationAng, Main-fong.; 洪明楓.2003354
Ex vivo expansion, microRNA expression and immortalization of CD34⁺ cells derived from human umbilical cord bloodKwok, Ka-yin; 郭家賢2009361
Exact meromorphic solutions of complex algebraic differential equationsWong, Kwok-kin.; 黃國堅.2012205
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