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Elicitation of astaxanthin biosynthesis in dark-heterotrophic culturesof Chlorella zofingiensisIp, Po-fung.; 葉寶鳳.2005520
Elites, bureaucracy, and the policy process in China: a study of the Socialist Transformation of capitalistindustry and commerce, 1949-56So, Wai-yip, Bennis.; 蘇偉業1996413
Elizabeth Bishop: her Nova Scotian origins and the portable culture of homeDowd, Ann Karen.1999219
Ellagic acid exerts anti-angiogenesis effects by blocking VEGFR-2 signaling pathway in breast cancerWang, Neng; 王能2012101
Elliptic curve cryptography: a study and FPGAimplementationNg, Chiu-wa.; 吳潮華.2004672
Elliptical representations in Maxine Hong Kingston's writing and her articulation in the subversion of grand narrativesHoldefer, Joan Lee.; 李苑芳.2001174
Elucidation of ganglioside binding domain in the B-subunit of cholera toxinTan, T. F.; 檀東煇2000185
Elucidation of the action mechanism of erxian decoction, a Chinese medicinal formula for menopause: frompharmacological approach to analytical approachCheung, Ho-pan.; 張浩斌.201398
Elucidation of the sequence of the autophosphorylation site of ganglioside-stimulated protein kinaseWai, Chun-leung.; 韋俊樑.2001207
Emancipating parents: facilitating growth through a constructivist programLeung Chong, Ngai-ngor, Anita.; 梁莊麗雅.1998188
Embedded autonomy in the "East Asian economic miracle": the case of Hong Kong with special reference to banking,textile and garments, and electronics sectorsWai, Pong-wa.; 韋邦華.1998970
Embedded coloniality in Hong Kong: from flower cultivation to culture-led urban renewal in Mong Kok FlowerMarketHo, Kar-yin; 何嘉妍2012248
Embeddedness and competitiveness: regional clusters in ChinaZhao, Bei.; 趙蓓.2003525
Embracing the principles of sustainable development: the case of Hong KongTsang, Chun-fa.; 曾淳法.2001358
Embroidering respect: how local welfare mothers earn and society eats up respectLi, Ho-lun, Collin.; 李灝麟.2009288
Embryonic expression and alternative splicing of sex hormone-binding globulin mRNASo, Man-ting.; 蘇敏婷2001204
Embryotrophic effects of Vero cell on preimplantation mouse embryo developmentLee, Yin-lau.; 李燕柳1999191
Emendation and annotation of the Shih-shou hsin-yuYang, Yong; 楊勇1968258
Emergence of CTX-M extended-spectrum beta-lactmases-producing urinary escherichia coli isolates in Hong KongPoon, Wan-ni, Winnie.; 潘蘊妮.2006112
Emergence of the Greater Pearl River Delta mega-city region: a study on polycentricityLee, Ka-shing.; 李嘉承.2010264
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