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Conceptions of psychopathology among children from a developmental perspective: an exploratory study among thewell and the afflictedChan, Kit-bing, Sumee1985266
Conceptions of teaching held by school physics teachers in Guangdong China and their relations to student learningGao, Lingbiao.; 高凌飆1998201
Conceptions of the pedagogical content knowledge: changing experiences of geography student teachersCheng, Nga-yee, Irene.; 鄭雅儀.2003197
Concepts of equity and policies for university student financial support: Chinese reforms in an internationalcontextZhang, Minxuan.; 張民選2001232
Concepts of realism and the reception of John Constable's landscape paintingsKwok, Yin-ning.; 郭燕寧.2007611
Concepts of self amongst secondary school pupils in Hong KongLo, Man-fai.; 盧曼輝.1986186
Conceptual design of single and multiple state mechanical devices: an intelligent CAD approachLi, Chung-lun.; 李仲麟1998177
Conceptualization and implementation of affective education in China'sGuangzhou: a case studyCheng, Kai-yuen.; 鄭啓員.2011204
Conceptualizing transnationalism and transculturalilsm in Chinese American women narratives and memoirs: JadeSnow Wong, Ruthanne Lum McCunn, and Amy TanWong, Sui-sum, Grace.; 黃瑞琛.2002215
Concise synthesis of racemic and chiral fumagillol via intramolecular carbonyl ene reactionLiu, Xingguo; 刘兴国2011200
Concurrent auditing on computerized accounting systemsLeung, Chung-pak.; 梁松柏1998497
Concurrent toolpath planning for multi-material layered manufacturingZhu, Wenkai.; 朱文凱.2009250
Condensation of generalized cooper pairs in superconductorsKwok, Wing-yip.; 郭榮業1990178
Condensation of tri-excitons in high temperature superconductorsZong, Jun.; 宗軍1996191
Condensations of xylenols with carbon tetrahalides (with a note on solvated triphe-nylmethane derivatives containing a bromine atom)Lai, Ting-fong; 黎庭芳1957472
Condition auditing and repair of marine concrete structures in Hong KongLai, Tsan-kei.; 黎贊基.2001282
Conditional knockout of neural cell adhesion molecule L1 in mouse brainLaw, Wai-sze.; 羅慧詩2000183
Conditions and constraints on innovative pedagogical practices: challenges to educational leadershipTong, Kwok-pan.; 湯國斌.2003246
Conditions conducive to a curriculum change: teachers' perspectives on reforming moral and civic educationIp, Tak-ming; 葉德明2002211
Conditions limiting effective teaching in a sample of part-time teachers in continuing education: implications for college managementTam, Siu-ling, Maureen; 譚小玲1987161
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