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Computer recognition of printed Chinese charactersLin, Yi-min.; 林依民1990165
Computer recognition of printed Chinese charactersSze, Lui.; 施雷1996155
Computer simulation for the performance of a solar hot water systemWong, Wai-chung.; 黃偉忠1982290
Computer simulation of a local municipal wastewater treatment plantWan, Ka-hung.; 溫家雄.1996240
Computer simulation of Maxwell demon and Feynman's ratchet and pawl systemZheng, Jianzhou.; 鄭建周.2009238
Computer simulation studies of hard sphere mixturesYau, Hei-ling, Danny.; 丘熙寧1996164
Computer simulation studies of the ionospheric equatorial anomaly in East AsiaChan, Hon-fai.; 陳漢輝1982166
Computer texture boundary detection based on texton model and neural positive feedbackHui, Kin-ping.; 許建平1994305
Computer virus prevention and control in Hong KongSzeto, Wai-chi.; 司徒偉慈.1993296
Computer visualization techniques in surgical planning for pedicle screw insertionChoi, Yi-king.; 蔡綺瓊2001239
Computer waste management in Hong KongCheng, Yu-man.; 鄭裕文2002209
Computer-aided design and manufacturing of tactile mapsChan, Chi-fung; 陳智鋒2007213
Computer-aided design of heterogeneous objectsKou, Xinyu.; 寇欣宇.2005334
Computer-aided drug design for influenza A virusSun, Jian; 孙健2009538
Computer-aided information systems for public decision makingWong, Sik-kei; 王錫基1980183
Computer-aided modelling and design of switching DC-DC convertersChau, Kwok-tong.; 鄒國棠1993357
Computer-aided parting line and parting surface generation in mould designKwong, Kin-wa.; 鄺建華1992320
Computer-mediated communication as an activity system: an investigation into S.3 students' learning experiencesvia online interaction in a dynamic assessment processChoi, Wan-ni, Brenda.; 蔡蘊妮.2011134
Computerisation in Hong Kong professional engineering firmsChee, Sung-thong, Andrew.; 徐順通1985169
Computerized control of extrusion and injection moulding processesYeung, Yiu-chung, Patrick.; 楊耀中1973216
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