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Application of Markov regression models in non-Gaussian time series analysisYu, Sui-sum, Amy.; 余瑞心1991315
Application of microprocessor in digital testing with special reference to magnetic core memory systemsNg, Chi-ho; 吳自豪1978266
Application of molecular cytogenetics techniques in cancer researchHu, Liang; 胡亮2003886
Application of molecular genetic techniques to the study of major histocompatibility complex class II allelic associations with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in ChineseChang, Yea-wen.; 張雅雯.1997160
Application of multi-agent technology to supply chain managementYung, King, Stanley.; 容勁1999233
Application of near infrared spectroscopy in meat quality assessmentDing, Haibiao.; 丁海標1999218
Application of near-infrared spectroscopy in food compositionanalysisTang, Yung-kwan.; 鄧勇軍1998269
Application of near-infrared spectroscopy in quality assessment of beehoneyQiu, Peiyuan.; 仇沛沅1997288
Application of neisseria gonorrhoeae molecular typing techniques in forensic medicineKan, Man-yee, Elsie.; 簡文意.2004191
Application of neural networks in the first principles calculations and computer-aided drug designHu, Lihong.; 胡麗紅.2004221
Application of operation research techniques for forecasting transportation demand, planning train services and station facilitiesof the MTRCTsang, Kwan-ming.; 曾坤明.1998640
Application of operations research in studies of ambulatory care servicesAharonson-Daniel, Limor.1995177
Application of optical dating to late quaternary uplift and thrust activity in the northern piedmont of Tian Shan, ChinaGong, Zhijun; 龚志军201239
Application of p63 4A4 antibody in detection of cervical cancer and precursors in cytology samplesNg, Kin-man.; 伍建文.2009175
Application of permeation grouting in soils in Hong KongChan, Shun-ming, Raymond.; 陳順明.2005430
Application of photoacoustic techniques to solid and liquid materialsAravind, Manju.1994208
Application of polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis, follow-up and epidemiological investigation of tuberculosis in Hong KongChan, Che-man.; 陳志敏.1995218
Application of postmortem alzheimer's disease brain to elucidate the involvement of death receptor adaptor signalingPreisler, Julie.2008215
Application of quantitative polymerase chain reaction in the diagnosisof thalassaemiaTsang, Tsui-ying, Stella.; 曾璀瑩.2006125
Application of solution-focused strategy on classroom guidanceLai, Wai-man; 黎慧敏2000211
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