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Application of energy saving systems in Hong Kong buildingsChu, Yiu-cheong.; 朱耀昌2002415
Application of expert system in port backup development evaluationPang, Chun-yu, Peter.; 彭俊宇.2000306
Application of fatty acid profiles in field- and laboratory -based investigations of trophic relationships in Hong Kong wetlandChan, Ka-yee; 陳嘉儀2012126
Application of group technology in Hong Kong plastic industryNg, Ying-fun, Paul; 吳英勳1978419
Application of hedonic valuation model to the price of privateestates' carpark in Hong KongChan, Sin-wing.; 陳善榮2001252
Application of hierarchical equations of motion to time dependent quantum transportTian, Heng; 田恒201267
Application of high-throughput tissue microarray technology in cancer researchXie, Dan; 謝丹20041,339
Application of immunochemical and LC/MS/MS techniques in the detectionof sulfonamide residues in livestockWong, Chun-kit, Jack.; 蔣蔚宜.2006187
Application of job evaluation in the Hong Kong electronics industriesFung, Chun-chung; 馮鎮中1978290
Application of life cycle analysis (LCA) to consumer product developmentChan, Wah-man; 陳華民2002186
Application of life cycle costing (LCC) technique in Hong Kong warehouse industryTsang, Pak-yu.; 曾伯裕2000415
Application of living donor liver transplantation to adult recipients in Hong KongLo, Chung-mau.; 盧寵茂.1998268
Application of logistic regression to female labor force participationin Hong KongWan, Kam-ming, Galaxy.; 尹錦銘.1993534
Application of marketing strategies in wine retailing business in HongKongTong, Yee-kin, Philip.; 唐怡健.1992424
Application of Markov regression models in non-Gaussian time series analysisYu, Sui-sum, Amy.; 余瑞心1991315
Application of microprocessor in digital testing with special reference to magnetic core memory systemsNg, Chi-ho; 吳自豪1978266
Application of molecular cytogenetics techniques in cancer researchHu, Liang; 胡亮2003886
Application of molecular genetic techniques to the study of major histocompatibility complex class II allelic associations with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in ChineseChang, Yea-wen.; 張雅雯.1997160
Application of multi-agent technology to supply chain managementYung, King, Stanley.; 容勁1999233
Application of near infrared spectroscopy in meat quality assessmentDing, Haibiao.; 丁海標1999218
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